Sources close to NASA confirm:  on November 8th, Earth will be hit by a giant asteroid!

The asteroid, designated 2005 YU55, will slam into Earth after passing by our moon. NASA says the asteroid is the size of an aircraft carrier, but astronomers and scientists working in Russia say it’s the size of – Rhode Island!
Some had believed that the asteroid would just pass by, but now it looks like it will hit earth – directly on November 8th.   Looks like it might hit somewhere in the Pacific or Oklahoma.  Nobody is sure right now.

Some are speculating that the asteroid is actually a spaceship from Planet Gootan and is part of the attack that is predicted for November 28th.  “It may be a Gootan spaceship, that is arriving early for the attack,” said Professor Banesh Bannerjee of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.
And asteroid this size has never hit the earth directly.  The last time an asteroid this big came close to Earth was 1976, and it looks like it won’t happen again until 2028.

Comets and asteroids preserve the building blocks of the planets.  And 2005 YU55 looks like it preserved a big chunk of some planet.
What can citizens do to prepare?  “Not much,” says a noted astronomer.  “It’s just a matter of luck.  If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll vaporize.”
It also interesting that the United States is planning a nationwide test of its emergency alert system – simultaneously on the internet, television and radio – for November 9th.  Why is the test for the day AFTER the asteroid hits earth?

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34 thoughts on “ASTEROID 2005 TO SLAM EARTH ON NOV. 8th”

  1. The time will come soon when all on Earth will look to the Heavens above.
    This will be a very close call I pray it is only that. Discovered on December 28, 2005 by Robert McMillan of the Spacewatch Program A potentially hazardous Asteroid known as 2005 YU55.

    This Asteroid some what Large 400 meter-sized type – C, will pass by the Earth right between our moon and Earth. On November 8, 2011.
    The people on Earth have not seen a Asteroid of this size in advance. One this big Has not impacted Earth in over at least 4 thousand years.
    Most Objects that have a diameters over 45 meters or 147.637 ft strike the Earth approximately once every thousand years or so. Lying flat everything for hundreds of miles.
    Like the TUNGUSKA 1908 SIBERIA, RUSSIA CRASH OR Tunguska Explosion. This one did not even hit the Earth with its full Impact, it burst high in the air above the ground plowing it apart into many smaller parts. Making thousands of very deep holes in the Russian forests. Many of them in dense forest far from any roads or towns.
    One 400 Meters 1,312.3 ft in diameter like this one YU55 weighing millions of tons would if impacted Earth on land would darken all of the Earth not for just days but much longer.
    It would change the weather not seen on Earth in over thousands of years a massive climate change to say the least.
    Asteroids in our Asteroid Belt that is between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars do have collisions and some do turn into meteoroids many in the past thousands of years have come into the Earth’s Atmosphere. Many of thousands of them make it into Meteorites the signs are all over the Earth, craters of all sizes.
    Now Earth going through a Debris Field or Tail of a Comet or large Asteroid at almost the same time as Asteroid YU55 near Earth Miss? Debris fields some times are very Large to say the least.
    The World and NASA will watch Outer Space very closely the next 30 days.
    Most likely more Earthquakes and the Oceans Tide will be strongly affected just from a near miss. The Gravitational Effects from outer space will most likely effect Earth for days.
    Let us all pray.
    this is just a near Earth miss or NEO (Near Earth Object) or Near Earth Orbit.
    Judgment Day will come soon enough.
    Please Look at this site it is NASA’s Near Earth Object Program.
    Then go to.
    (2005 YU55) NOV 8, 2011.
    (2005 XB1) NOV 8, 2011.
    (2011 TP6) NOV 2011.
    (2000 YA) DEC 26, 2011.
    Add a asteroid about a mile wide into this Equation and?
    Object ( 20011LC19 ) it to will be going by Earth around Oct 28, 2011 tru.
    Nov 4, 2011. It is 1.2km or 3,937Ft wide.
    May The Lord GOD our Father in Heaven Watch over and Guide you.
    GOD Bless
    Read the Bible.
    John 8:12-31
    Mark 10:17-30
    The Lord’s Little Helper.
    Paul Felix Schott.

  2. There are two major events happening Nov 8-9, 2011. One Nov 8th Asteroid 2005 YU55 will pass extremely close to earth, actually between the moon and the earth!
    On Nov 9th President Obama will turn off all communications in the United States for a "test" in case he needs to address the entire country at one time!!!!! To read more http://www.educatinghumanity.com/2011/11/two-majo

  3. If you really want to know if it's going to hit and hit the coast. See which celebrity elite are "out of town", or "going out of town" at that time. If and when the big dogs get worried, then the little runs will know to run for cover.

  4. Just trust in Jesus Christ. He is Almighty and His Father who is also our Loving Father has the powers to decide the fate of mankind. So start preparing your hearts for anything…..Mathews..Malawi

  5. There is something big and ugly about to pass on Nov 8 and hit in July 2012 in Australia.IT IS CALLED A CARBON TAX …GOD help us all

  6. y the heck would this stupid website know about this when only nasa knows these secrets? besides, the government and nasa wont lie to us as it will be more chaotic if the astroid hits us unprepared than if we are prepared for it and stay under bomb shelter or stuffs.

  7. Gee I never heard of the planet Gootan. Are the inhabitants friendly? Do they have a football on their planet? Are any of them Vikings fans? How about basketball? Do they drink beer? What about brats?

  8. What a downer, I just stocked up on Kirkland toilet paper, should have bot a bottle of rum instead. Oh well, at least no work tomorrow!

  9. although I agree that this won't hit us I have to say at the same time that the person who made the statement that the government would not lie to us because they would want us to prepare ..I do NOT agree with. If they told everyone that a huge asteroid would hit the planet and we would all be vaporized what kind of world panic would that cause!

  10. The earth is not gooing to end Jesus says its gooing to start ending after he takes all his people up that have been saved and belive and even if one did WHAT THE F*** WOULD WE BE ABLE TO DO ABOUT IT -_- I MEAN ITS NOT LIKE WERE GOONA ROCKET EVERYONE TO THE MOON AND I DONT THINK WE HAVE A BIG ENOUGH ROCKET TO DESTROY IT………

  11. looking out my window now I can see the asteroid.wow,it's getting closer, and closer,and closer,and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. lol you gata be stuped to believe in god this days i mean if you yas use your brain for a secondd theres billion if not triilions of planets and galaxys out there man thats proof right there that god isnt real and if you cant see that there your an idiot whe have telescopes evrething scientes have seeng much of the things whe havent seeng and thats why they now god isnt realllllllll that guy paaul felix is a complete idiot lol back then when the bibile was created a long side with other bible such a the muskim biblle zeus bible thorrr and allt he other also the roman bible with jupiter and mars as there god yea am not talking about the planets but there god was name that okay soo yea if you use a bible ass the reason to believe in god then you must believe in zeus and all the other crap lol


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