NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA – a deer farmer was killed by an animal in his herd.

The 55-year-old man was found with multiple wounds Sunday evening inside his enclosed field in Saint-Léonard, near the Quebec border.

The victim’s wife phoned police Sunday afternoon after he went out to feed the deer and never returned, RCMP Sgt. Marc Violette said.

Officers discovered the man’s body in the field at about 8 p.m. Sunday. His body had numerous piercings that appear to have been caused by deer antlers, Violette said.

Deer have the capacity to inflict severe damage, he said.

“They would do this to small prey in the wild. They would do it, maybe, to small foxes or to small coyotes that were attacking them,” Violette said.


Here’s another deer attack.  This time it was provoked by the hunter, but still check it out:


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  1. Well deer are wild animals and if they are in rut and you get in the way or interfear even the tame ones will run on instinct. I do not get where people always seem to think they think like people and havethe power of thought and reasoning because they may have a slight part of that it does not over power survival when it comes time to rut. I have heard of many stories of deer fighting back and winning in many cases. The actualpower they have used with knowledge would kill in seconds . Good thing they do not understand death very few animals do. That the only reason people survive animal attacks in most cases be they bear attacks or any other kind.


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