SINGAPORE – An “invisible man” is attacking women in downtown Singapore.

Forty-seven women in the last two weeks said they were sexually assaulted in their homes and apartments by an invisible man.

“I was lying in my bed and all of a sudden I felt a man on top of me.  I couldn’t see him but, I started punching and I could feel him.  Luckily, I fought him off,”  Eva Chan told WWN.

The Invisible Man also has attacked women with the man of the house at home.  A man, Chan Muk, has claimed that his wife was raped by the invisible man.

“I knew something was wrong.  My wife was punching the arm and she sounded like there was a hand over her mouth.  I tried to fight him off, but he knocked me out.”

Here’s a photo of a woman that Singapore Police is being attacked by the Invisible Man.  Do you see him?

Many men in Singapore are claiming that their wives are removing their clothing at all times of the day and night, touching their own bodies and moaning.  It also happens when the women are sleeping at night.

“It has to be an invisible rapist,” said Bo Lang.  “What else could it be?”

One man, Yon Kee,  sought help from a medium, who told him that someone was using black magic to take away the wife’s “soul” and rape her.

Singapore Police have responded to numerous sexual assault calls against the Invisible Man.  The Police Chief,  Pi Wung, said that the SPD has several squads out looking for the Invisible Man.

And how exactly will they find him?

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