VANCOUVER, BC – A human foot has washed up in Vancouver — the eighth such grisly find  the last four years.
Vancouver police said that a person reported seeing “the remains of what appears to be a human foot and leg bones in a running shoe” shortly before 5 pm on Tuesday.
“It was quite disturbing — quite a discovery to make,” Vancouver Police Constable Jana McGuinness told WWN.
A police statement said that the shoe was found floating in the water next to the Plaza of Nations marina in the False Creek area, which was cordoned off to allow the British Columbia Coroners Service to begin their investigation.

The discovery marks the eighth human foot to wash up in British Columbia since August 2007 and is the 12th to appear in the coastal region from British Columbia to northwestern Washington in that time.
Here’s another sneaker of a foot that washed ashore in 2010:
And here’s one from 2009:

In March a woman walking near Powell River, British Columbia, found a running shoe containing remains.
One washed up foot has been linked by DNA to a suspected suicide, while two found in Richmond, British Columbia, have been confirmed as belonging to the same woman.
Police said they do not suspect foul play and believe that the feet detached naturally in the water.  But, there are others that suspect a serial killer – one that targets men and women jogging.
Some of the feet are believed to be American feet.  But that has not been confirmed yet.

The foot recently found, is believed to have floated in from either the Puyallup River or Puget Sound. It’s the second human foot to wash ashore in Washington state in four months.

In late August, a right foot believed to be that of a woman or child washed up on a beach in Whidbey Island, about 100 kilometres south of Vancouver.
It’s not yet known if the cases are linked or if they have any connection to cases in B.C., where seven feet have washed ashore in the past four years, Fulghum said.

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