SYDNEY  – In order to boost sales, Australian airline Qantas is promising female orgasms.
The in-flight entertainment on planes run by Australian airline Qantas are showing  a movie that explains mysteries of female sexual pleasure – AND they promise the female passengers will be “pleased” with the film.

The 50-minute French film “The Female Orgasm Explained,” which includes naked scenes, will be shown on every aircraft — but it will have a warning that it is for mature audiences only.

“In general programs are selected according to quality of content, box office/ratings, topicality and Qantas customer demographics,” Qantas said in a statement, adding that programs were screened by their program team before licensing.

“We think that this is an educational film and women (and men) will learn valuable information,” said Qantas President Tad Wendren.  “The fact that the film will also have an added benefit – should help make the flight more enjoyable for many of our passengers.”
How does the film cause female passengers to become part of a new kind of “mile-high-club”?   Qantas isn’t saying, but WWN’s Foxington Delaware says that she enjoyed her flight to Melbourne and plans on returning every week for the rest of the year.

Airline crews are able to block content to the seats of minors and at the requests of their parents, it added.

The film will be run until November – but if demand increases, they will make it a permanent (and free) part of every flight – forever.

The choice of film may be a bit risky given the fact that airlines are usually quite careful about what they show, said Catriona Eider, an associate professor at the Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Sydney University.

“I think sociologically it’s interesting they are showing something that has the potential in that quite confined space to have people say ‘Oh, what are you watching?’ or shows that might be understood as titillating as porn,” she sai

But she added that changing social norms mean that off-limit topics have shifted.

“‘In Sex and the City’, the orgasm is something pretty much spoken in everyday levels. It’s no longer the taboo subject it was.”

Book you flight soon… Qantas says they are sold out until November.  Bachelorette parties are welcome.

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