ERIE, PA –A woman talks to an crystal skull – and it talks back to her!
His name is “Max.” He is made of clear quartz and was discovered nearly 100 years ago in a Mayan tomb in Guatemala.
Max is believed to be between 5,000 and 36,000 years old, and ancient legend has it that Max is one of 13 life-size crystal skulls that exist in the world. It is also known for partly inspiring the crystal skull in the most recent Indiana Jones film, according to his keeper, JoAnn Parks.

Parks, a resident of Houston, Texas, is currently on tour with Max. AOL Weird News caught up with her Sunday in Erie, Penn., where she had given a lecture and was offering private hands-on sessions with the crystal skull.
“There are many people who think he’s from another planet and is encoded – an encoded messenger,” Parks told Weird News. “Some believe he was part of Atlantis as well. I think he’s been in cultures that have come and gone that we didn’t even know existed.”
Whatever his origin, Max is known nationally and internationally. He has been featured in documentaries by A&E Network and the Discovery Channel and was once researched by the British Museum for a TV special that aired on the BBC.
“The British Museum authenticated Max with a ‘no comment’ because they couldn’t figure out how he was created,” Parks said. “They know he is very old because [he is made up] of the five different growth patterns and two matrixes.”

Many people who come into contact with Max claim to have profound visions and psychic experiences.
As reported by David Lohr for AOL.

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