NEW YORK – A major bakery looks to start a new food trend – mold donuts!
Baked goods don’t stay fresh long. Preservatives like BHA, BHT, hydogenated fat and transfat  give packaged baked goods a longer shelf life, but they aren’t foolproof.
A number of bakeries tried to recall Entenmann’s Pop ‘Ems and Donitas donuts for mold.
BUT, a person who claimed to be a spokesman for Entemann’s issued this statement:  “the donuts in question will NOT be recalled.  We purposely put mold in the donuts in hoping of starting a new donut trend.  Our bakers tasted the mold and loved it – we hope that our customers will love it, too!”
Several customers in the midwest confirmed Entemann’s findings.  “I love them mold donuts. They tasty as could be.  I’m gonna order me ten, twelve boxes of them things.  Yum-my!!” said Dale Vickman of St. Louis.

Donuts with “tasty mold”in them include: Powdered, Cinnamon and Rich Frosted Pop ‘Ems. These are the miniature donuts packaged in 10-10.5 ounce paper bags with a plastic window.
Other companies are looking to jump on the Mold Donut bandwagon.  Krispy Kreme has added Mold Glazed Donuts to their menu and Dunkin’ Donuts has several new “moldies” on the menu:  Marble Frosted Mold, Jelly Mold, and Sugar Mold.
But Entemann’s is leading the pack. They already have boxes of Mold Donuts on supermarket shelves.

A number of Mold Donut lovers want to make them at home.  Here’s a tip if you want to try that out:
Donuts and breads mold more quickly if they are packaged in plastic wrappers. If bread or baked goods are placed in wrappers when they are warm, the steam will condense. The condensation causes mold. Paper packaging is the best wrap for fresh bread and baked goods.  So used plastic or plastic wrappers!
Another added bonus to the mold donuts:  they smell!   They have a foul odor. But again, some customers in the midwest love it.  “I just take me a big ole whiff of my moldy donut and it makes them taste that much more better,” said Sally Quipper of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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