When it comes to relationships with men, women sometimes do the dumbest things.
There are eight stupid things women do to mess up their love lives, but they can avoid them by following some simple advice:
1. LIVE  YOUR LIFE THROUGH YOUR MAN –  Women who let a man control the relationship eventually feel cheated and angry.   “Be the best you can be in your own right.”   You need to take a stand for things in your life, and in the relationship that you want.   Don’t wrap your whole life around his!

2. SETTLING FOR A MAN – Desperate women settle for any man. Don’t settle for anyone less than you deserve.  It may take longer to find the right guy but you won’t be stuck with a bum.   Don’t act desperate, good men can smell the desperation a mile away.  Just be confident, be yourself and believe that the right man will come along – because he will!
3.  CONFUSING PASSION FOR LOVE –  Too many women have sex out of a feeling of emptiness or hunger for approval.  The result:  Disaster!  Sex too soon can make you feel worthless.  Wait and choose a partner you’ve gotten to like as a person first.   Men actually like women MORE if they withhold sex for a while because they deem you “marriage material.”  No man wants to get involved in a serious relationship with an “easy” woman.

4.  DON’T LIVE TOGETHER BEFORE MARRIAGE:  Yeah, this sounds old school, outdated and… crazy.  But studies repeatedly show that couples who live together before marriage are one-third more likely to break up within 10 years.  Wait until the two of you know, love and respect each other. Then get married.    Make a commitment, then move in… don’t move in without the commitment.
5.  EXPECTING TOO MUCH FROM A MAN:  Women with low self=esteem expect marriage to bring total fulfillment.  But they’re doomed to disappointment when Prince Charming doesn’t meet expectations.  Choose a compatible mate, not a mn you think will solve your problems.   Ask any married woman – happily or not – men can not, and do not, solve all your problems.
6. HAVING A BABY FOR THE WRONG REASON: Women who have a child to fix a broken relationship often become trapped with a man they should dump.  Make an intelligent decision about having a child.  You have the power over you own body.  Do NOT have a baby just to keep a man in a relationship with you.  That spells – doom.
7.  HAVING LOW  STANDARDS! –  Over the years women’s standards and requirements have lowered.  Men know that and have taken advantage of it.   Many woman don’t require anything of a man. So many standards have been lowered by women that now a man doesn’t have to climb over a very high bar to get to her. So now you have more men who can get away with more things with more women without any repercussions.   Don’t accept less than you deserve – and you deserve everything!
8.  NOT LOVING YOURSELF – If you love yourself and are happy in your own skin, you will be attractive to men.  Take time for yourself.  Decided what you want in life, picture your perfect life – and then go out and get it!   There is no reason in today’s world for a woman not to love herself or to get the help she needs in learning HOW to love herself.   You are special, treat yourself right!   Love yourself first, men will follow.

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  1. I agree. Young women need to remain on their own and find out who they are before settling down. Marriage is for keeps and takes work.


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