LONDON  — The Church of England has published a prayer asking God’s help for Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton to be faithful.
Church leaders say the prayer can be used in private prayer or in group worship.
The prayer published Thursday seeks God’s help so that the couple can live in lifelong faithfulness to each other. They plan to marry April 29 at Westminster Abbey.

The new prayer seeks God’s help to strengthen the couple’s will and deepen their love for one another.
Roman Catholic leaders in England and Wales have also issued a similar prayer on behalf of William and Middleton.
With just three weeks to go until their big day, two prayers have been written for Prince William and Kate Middleton.
The Church of England, which William will one day head, hopes that people up and down the land will take the time to say the prayers for the royal couple.
One of them is for school children asking Jesus to ‘keep them safe, make them happy and help them to look after each other always.’

The main prayer, which it is hoped will be read at services across the country, asks God to ‘look in favor’ on the couple.
The Church has said that the prayer is not just for Prince William and Kate Middleton, but it is for all couples preparing for their wedding.
Adding: ‘It can be used in private prayer, in groups or within public worship.’
Here is the prayer:
God of all grace, friend and companion,
Look in favor on William and Catherine and all who are made one in marriage.
Deepen their love and strengthen their wills to keep the promises they will make,
May they stay away from loose women and loose men
May the sexual relations they have continue at a royal level forever
May they continue to live in life-long faithfulness to each other;
May the Prince stay away from hookers, whores and tramps
May Catherine not be influenced by tennis pros or pool boys
May they stay away from Hollywood celebrities
Through Christ our Lord. Amen

Dear Jesus,
We pray for Prince William and Catherine Middleton as they get ready for their wedding day.
Keep them safe, make them happy and help them to look at each other with lust always.

It is hoped that the prayer will remind the couple of the importance of staying together and shows the optimism that is felt for them, despite the failure of marriages in Prince William’s family.
His own mother and father admitted affairs. Princess Diana told Panorama about her love for James Hewitt while Prince Charles admitted to his affair with the Duchess of Cornwall.
While still married to Prince William’s uncle, Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson was pictured having her toes sucked by John Bryan in 1992.
‘We’ve put prayers on our website for the people of Libya, victims of the Japanese earthquake, the recession, people receiving their exam results, all sorts of things,’ a spokesman for the Church told WWN.

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