CALIFORNIA –  Scientists have discovered a 34,000 year old organism.  It’s alive… and it’s an alien!
Scientists found ancient salt crystals deep below Death Valley while doing climate research years ago. The sparkling crystals were carefully packed away for years and then a researcher took a second look at the 34,000-year-old crystals and discovered that trapped inside was something that was… alive!
Concerned scientists sent the crystals to the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  They U.N. Panel has confirmed that the organisms are microscopic aliens.  And now that the aliens have been “disturbed” they will grow to full size and “they must be contained”, said John Malley, a leading extraterrestrial researcher at the U.N.
Dr. Malley said the ancient alien bacteria was living within tiny, fluid-filled chambers inside the salt crystals. Salt crystals grow very quickly, imprisoning whatever happens to be floating – or living – nearby inside tiny bubbles just a few microns across, akin to naturally made, miniature snow-globes.
Malley said that his research confirms that there may be millions, if not billions, of microscopic aliens locked into small crystals in saline lakes all around the world.
“They aliens are dormant, but if they are agitated in any way, they will begin the transformation process. We must be careful now that the wrong people do not get their hands on these crystals.”
Malley said the microbes take about two-and-a-half months to “wake up” out of their survival state before they start to reproduce at a rapid (alarming) rate.
“It’s 34,000 years old and it has a kid,”  said Malley.
Whether alien or not – the oldest living organism on the planet has been found!

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