ENGLAND – A man cut off his testicles – then hurled them into a park.
He hurled them into a park and hit a pensioner in the head while he was sitting with his wife on a bench.   The pensioner didn’t know what it was – until the cops showed up and told them what happened.   The testicles, however,  were not found.
The 22-year-old, who cut of his testicles, is believed to have carried out the horrifying DIY castration in a bid to change sex.
He waited nearly 24 hours before staggering into hospital.  On arriving at accident and emergency, he told stunned staff he had felt “a lot less pain” than he had expected.
He left after being treated with swabs and stitches – and was advised to seek psychiatric help.
A spokesman for Derbyshire’s Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Trust said last night: “A man in his early twenties presented himself at the hospital minus his testicles, which he had removed the previous day.
“He was treated, then discharged from A&E. We can say no more because of patient confidentiality – but this is pretty unusual.”
It is believed the man, who has not been named, was suffering from “gender confusion issues” and may have been attempting a home sex change before hurling his unwanted privates into Queens Park, Chesterfield.
One local said: “It makes your eyes water just thinking about it.
“A few people have stopped walking their dogs in the park for fear of what they’ll dig up.”

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