WWN does it’s part to bring two lovers together.  Bat Boy comes to the rescue!

Long distance relationships are tough.   And when the going gets tough, sometimes a bold move is necessary to rekindle the romance.

With that in mind, Los Angeles-based commercial director Walter C. May combined his visual know-how with the musical talents of his friends in the Daylights to craft a viral-video love letter for his significant other.

With Lex, his girlfriend, studying for her MBA at Duke University, May decided to write her a song, ‘I Hope This Gets to You,’ with his friends and create a unique music video that gives OK Go a run for their money. But rather than send it directly to her, May tweeted it on Tuesday and asked friends to pass it on in the hope that it will eventually get to her virally. So far, the clip has been retweeted by Katy Perry  and covered by Gizmodo, so it’s only a matter of time.

WWN has sent Bat Boy to Duke to help explain the video to Lex.  Initial reports are that Lex has now fallen madly in love with Bat Boy – but that is not yet confirmed.  Though there was several Bat Boy bobbleheads in the window of Lex’s apartment.

The Daylights, an L.A.-based indie trio, helped write the heartwarming tune, which features jangly bells that are perfect for the holiday season. The video was shot for about $100 over the course of an afternoon, with the hands in the last image spelling out “LEX.” As May told the Voice, “We can feel close without having to be close every day. I wanted to show how we try to make the world a little smaller.” Now you can do your part by passing it along.

Although… Walter could have just picked up his cellphone and called Lex.  Just saying…


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5 thoughts on “I HOPE THIS GETS TO YOU”

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  2. Let us know when your CD comes out or if you have one…great song, great band. I give it a 10. I hope it got to her..it got to me :))


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