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Three-Legged Model Wows NY Fashion Week!

American modeling sensation Celine Lacroix has something that none of her famous supermodel predecessors possessed-and that thing is a third leg.

Yes, beautiful, curvaceous Celine is dazzling the runway world by strutting her stuff on three gams.
“She’s absolutely fabulous,” gushes fashion photographer Monty Fleegle, while petting his pet poodle, Fifi, at a photo shoot just yesterday in New York City.
“She was totally professional and really made that third leg work for her. I can’t imagine how Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum did so well with just two legs.”
Delicate Celine was born on December 12, 1990, in Brooklyn, N.Y., to Max and Laverne Lacroix. She had a normal upbringing, excelling in activities like the high school three-legged-race competition.
But she dropped out of school when some of the other girls nicknamed her Webby, because of her duck-like middle foot with the overgrown toes.
That’s when she took a part-time job with a haute couture designer named Maurice Sashay, who realized Celine had the potential at best to turn the fashion world on its ear or at least to become a place kicker for a professional football team.
“ Maurice was like a father to me,” Celine remembers, “except for the fact that he insisted I juggle oranges with my three feet to amuse his industry friends.”
When one of Maurice’s prized models was too ill to strut down Bryant Park’s catwalk on Monday, Maurice urged Celine to take her place. Reluctant at first, she finally relented and the rest is history!
Celine is now scheduled to grace the top fashion shows in Paris, London, Tokyo and Latvia and has stated she wants to serve as an inspiration for other girls who are “slightly different” to go out and follow their dreams.
“Even if you have 11 fingers or three eyes and two colons, there’s no reason you can’t be a supermodel too,” she says. “I swear to that on my 15 toes.”

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