NEW YORK, NY – One scientist takes on a subject that many of us take for granted!
What goes up, must come down. It’s a phrase that has been ingrained in our heads and the reason behind it all is gravity. Gravity is the reason why we walk on the ground and stay on it. One scientist, however, isn’t sold on the concept of gravity.
Erik Verlinde, 48, believes that gravity is just one grand illusion. Dr. Verlinde is a respected string theorist and professor of physics at the University of Amsterdam and his theory has caused quite the stir. The bold scientist is going against logic that has been understood for over 300 years and he argued his views in a recent paper, titled “On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton.”
Dr. Verlinde argues that gravity is a consequence of the venerable laws of thermodynamics, which describe the behavior of heat and gases.
“For me gravity doesn’t exist,” said Dr. Verlinde, who was recently in the United States to explain himself. He is among a number of physicists who say that science has been looking at gravity the wrong way and that there is something more basic, from which gravity “emerges,” the way stock markets emerge from the collective behavior of individual investors or that elasticity emerges from the mechanics of atoms.
His argument turns on something you could call the “bad hair day” theory of gravity.
According to him his theory goes like this: your hair frizzles in the heat and humidity, because there are more ways for your hair to be curled than to be straight, and nature likes options. So it takes a force to pull hair straight and eliminate nature’s options. Forget curved space or the spooky attraction at a distance described by Isaac Newton’s equation well enough to let us navigate the rings of Saturn, the force we call gravity is simply a byproduct of nature’s propensity to maximize disorder.
Some of the best physicists in the world say they don’t understand Dr. Verlinde’s paper, and many are skeptical. But some of those very same physicists say he has provided a fresh perspective on some of the deepest questions in science, namely why space, time and gravity exist at all – even if he has not yet answered them.

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10 thoughts on “GRAVITY DOESN'T EXIST”

  1. String theory is such a farce – nothing but mathematical masturbation and utterly removed from physical reality which is real physics.

  2. That article's just reaffirmed that gravity does in fact exist, but it's given a new perspective on why it exists. Interesting stuff. Does this not give credence to the argument that there are natural laws which keep the universe in order and limit nature's propensity to maximize disorder? I disagree when he says gravity is merely a byproduct of the nature itself. Even if you force yourself to believe such a nonsensical theory, how did this force come to exist? Where did it come from? Why did it come to be?

  3. Its a conspiracy 😀
    Also, giving the example of hair.. is that y he is bold? So he doesn't experience what he believes in..I hardly get any sense out his theory… a byproduct,
    Maybe because everything is so relative to each other so by default gravity exist as? a result of this interconnection, as a byproduct? idk…
    Is there a way he can prove it? I mean mathematically… toss an apple, using equations..
    I must disagree with him because IF scientist were looking in the wrong way than the space shuttles would hit the Earth (get it ? wrong way? ..ok..:( )
    He probably watched inception way too many times xD

  4. Gravity doesn't exist by itself. It is an outcome.Could somebody tell a sample of gravity which doesn't involve the rotation of some mass?. Rotation of mass or of his equal energy produces, perhaps, ''dynes'' in space generally or some are always there, which could explain ''entropia'' = ''ataxia''=disorder.Gravity is the motion towards the center. Don't say now why the object is not cycling.Perhaps it is something like going down or up the hill occording to the rotation rigth-down, left-up.In space there is no general up and down, rigth or left. We always must refer to a point of reference. But there can be unlimitted centers. Perhaps rotation is the most certen motion in space.

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