MAYWODD, CA – Thursday marked an incredible shakeup for one city!
On 12:01 a.m. Thursday, the city of Maywood laid off every single one of its city employees. The 86-year-old Police Department was disbanded and the day-to-day detail work of running the working class city was handed over to neighboring Bell. Nearrly 100 city workers found themselves without a job.
The city isn’t in financial ruin and it isn’t closing its door, the situation was one that couldn’t be avoided. They city can’t have any staff because it can’t get liability or worker’s compensation insurance for them. Maywood’s carrier, the California Joint Power Insurance Authority, dropped it earlier this month in part because of several police-related claims.
“It’s really sad knowing that I’ll never come back to this place,” said police officer Eric Saavedra. “Last Saturday a man called me over and asked me if his brother’s murder case was still going to be investigated. That was really a sad moment. We’re worrying about losing our jobs, and he’s worrying about his brother’s murderer.”
They city decided against filing for bankruptcy and opted instead to outsource all city functions. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will patrol the streets, while the neighboring city of Bell will cover other city functions, such as staffing City Hall.
Some of Maywood’s 96 employees – which include 41 police officers – will continue as contract workers.
“Odds are residents will see the same faces as in years past, just under a different administrative process,” said Magdalena Prado, the city’s community relations director.
“Our community will continue to receive quality services,” Mayor Ana Rosa Riso said in a statement. “Maywood’s streets will continue to be swept, our summer park programs will continue to operate and our waste will be collected and hauled as scheduled.”

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