CALIFORNIA – One man is building luxury real estate for an unlikely purpose!
One real estate entrepreneur’s recent project does a wonderful job of missing luxury with a scary reality. Robert Vicino is the mastermind of the project that will result in a string of luxury disaster shelters. Investors believe it’s their best hope in the event of natural disaster, terrorist attack or worse.
The Terra Vivos Underground Survival Network is located deep in California’s Mojave Desert. The bunker is an old AT&T routing station that is being transformed into the lap of luxury in the face of disaster. The bunker was built during the Cold War and contains 10,000-square-foot space. Vicino and his developers hope that the location in the Mojave Desert will be the first of many in a worldwide network of multimillion dollar shelters with semi-private suites, communal living areas and even a gym.
“This facility is going to accommodate 132 people, for one year of autonomous underground survival,” said Vicino.
“It’s off the grid. There could be a nuclear blast, we could be under 500 feet of water where we’re sitting right now and we will survive. We have a CO2 scrubber, we have food storage for a year, medicine, clothing.”
Indiviual spaces will sell for $50,000 per person, $25,000 for kids under the age of 16. “Pets can stay for free,” said Vicino. “Dogs and cats.” Your money will buy you a single place to sleep in a four-bunk suite the size of a first class train compartment, and access to those shared living spaces.
“There are many scenarios that the Earth is not devastated, but you still need to find shelter; could be a tidal wave from an asteroid. You won’t survive the wave, but once the waters subside, you’ll be able to go back. You may also want life assurance for certain members of your family,” said Vicino.

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