Few Americans are as iconic as Cher. Over the decades, she has earned—and maintained—fame as a singer, an actress, a fashion trailblazer, and more. Times change, but she seems to change with them. And in recent years, she has become one of the most consistent sources of energy on social media.

On Twitter, especially, where she has almost four million followers, her spirited, enthusiastic posts have continued to do what her career has always done—put her in full view of her audience, warts and all.

“She’s not afraid to be called out, which is why she’s not afraid to call out,” said Mark Rinaldi, a self-described “Over-Cher-er.” (The coinage, his own, refers to fans who live and breathe Cher.) “Her bravery is admirable.”


But even the most steadfast Over-Cher-ers concede that there is one aspect of Cher’s social-media presence that is confounding: her prose style. Her posts, often written in all-caps, usually littered with emojis, exhibit a distinctive style. For example, a recent post noted an upcoming dinner with actor/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Another called passionately for national empathy.

A third included a tiny picture of a bee. A fourth, a flag.

“Cher’s style has always been outsized and fabulous,” Rinaldi said. “Her tweets are the typographical equivalent of a Bob Mackie gown. When you are reading along and you see a clover, a heart, a face, or a snowman, you know you’re in the presence of greatness.”


For years, fans, casual and devoted alike, have wondered how Cher developed her unique prose style. Now, the answer can be revealed. A Weekly World News investigation can reveal that Cher types her tweets on a custom keyboard that helps her to create her trademark style.

In fact, the keyboard is an old manual typewriter on which both Shift keys have been weighted down with oversize rubies, ensuring that all letters are rendered capital. In addition, a number of other keys have been replaced by emojis. Informants within the Cher camp can report exclusively that the star types on that typewriter herself. “It’s a very physical process,” according to one informant, who wishes to remain anonymous. “She really goes at that keyboard. I’ve seen her knock the rubies off a number of times.”

The typewriter is rumored to be a one-of-a-kind model designed by Cher herself. “It is adorned with feathers and sequins,” according to another informant. “It has a tiara. Hold on. I’ll just send you a picture.” The informant did.

The Cher typewriter struck an instant chord with Rinaldi. “Wow,” he said. “I mean, wow. I’ve heard rumors over the years, but to actually see it. Bang, bang, you shot me down with that one. You got me, babe, with that one. I’m beyond flabbergasted. But I believe…you.”

Rinaldi’s boyfriend Gary took the phone. “Hi,” he said. “This is Gary. We haven’t met, but I wanted to thank you. For what? For surprising Mark this way. He’s usually very cynical, but when he goes his all-Cher-pun mode, that means that you’ve touched him deeply. I can tell that I have about six hours straight of ‘Dark Lady’ ahead of me. So thank you for that.” He paused. “No, I’m not being sarcastic at all. Not at all.” He paused again. “Still not being sarcastic. Maybe I just sound this way.” He handed the phone back to Rinaldi. “Wingdingo, I love you,” Rinaldi said. “That’s an obscure one.” Giggles brought the call to a close.

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