Bible scholars and other researchers have speculated about everything from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to passing comets. They’ve done this in an effort to provide a natural explanation for the parting of the Red Sea.

Except for the biblical account, there are hardly any historical records from the period to provide backup information

Exodus reveals that when the Israelites fled from Egypt, the Lord led them “by day in a pillar of clouds. And by night in a pillar of fire to give them light that they might travel by day and night…”

Leading UFOlogistss and other academics are convinced the Red Sea was parted by an alien spaceship. This spaceship then led and protected the Israelites on their trek through the desert.

But according to some researchers, Moses didn’t even lead his people across the Red Sea — with or without the help of a UFO. Instead, he led them across Lake Sunotis, which all that time was separated from the Mediterranean by a narrow Isthmus, they say.

It was a treacherous swamp taht could be submerged in minutes if a swift storm swept in from the sea.

Still others, including Dr. Grigor Noor, are convinced that Moses waited for an ebb tide, then led his people across the Gulf of Suez. Once he was safe on the other side of the Gulf, he waited. He watched as the pursuing Egyptians were drowned by more than six feet of rapidly rising waters.

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4 thoughts on “DID ALIENS PART THE RED SEA?”

    • Yes, lecture the Tabloid/Satire Magazine on the importance of accuracy that’s not a waste of time or anything.

  1. The Aliens ARE the biblical Gods. We have been duped. Humanity is slowly awakening to the reality that We are not the only Created beings, aside from the Angelic Hierarchy. In fact, the Angels (good and/or bad ones) may have, themselves, created Humanity.

    What does the original (1st) bible really tell us? I caution us (Humanity) to be mindful of what the bible says and not to take all of it so literally. Parts of the bible may be truthful but symbolic or misunderstood, while other parts of the bible have been mistranslated or maliciously rewritten (with parts added in to control and sway the actions and thoughts of the masses). It is even possible that many of the bibles and other religious texts of Earth are instruments of deception used by beings who are still pretending to be your Gods–or maybe they ARE your Gods, but they aren’t what you think they are.

    The Ancients were clueless about what they were REALLY seeing and experiencing. Fast forward 21st Century, and we know (or should know) that:

    __ Clouds and bushes don’t talk nor do clouds lead people through the desert at ground level nor appear as fire at night. THAT was very likely a UFO enshrouded by day and lit at night.

    __ Large portions of water don’t part on its own, but a UFO might have capabilities that can make it happen somehow. I suspect that the biblical God resides IN that talking cloud or IN whatever made that bush appear to burn and seem to talk.

    __ The truth of Humanity’s origin, as well as the bible’s origin, “truths,” and purpose has been obscured. Ask yourself why. Is it, perhaps, to prevent Humanity from questioning who and what God really is and where He really comes from? And is the obscurement of truth to prevent Humanity from questioning the validity of the biblical truths and “laws” that potentially keep us from reaching full spiritual potential as the spiritual beings we truly are?

    We all must ask for what reason is truth being withheld from us? Some of Humanity is gullible, niave and spiritually lazy. If we do not discover what the real truths of the bible are we will continue to be duped and misled. We need to grow as a species and be responsible for ourselves and for the future of our species.

    Our propensity for fighting, killing and hating, etc are additional methods that keep Humanity divided and inattentive to what is hidden in plain sight and to what is most important for us to know to grow as a species, as the beautiful race we are.

    Don’t you get it? The age-old strategy of ‘divide and conquer’ is being used on Humanity as a distraction to keep us from comparing notes. To keep us from seeing the bigger picture that we can evolve as a species.

    The bible can be used as a guide and a teaching tool, BUT we need the right keys to unlock its Real truths so that we can begin to enlighten our race and grow as spiritual beings.

    In my opinion, Jesus came to awaken us. NOT to be the Almighty God, but to lead us out of the blind stupor and perpetual chaos & confusion we have fallen into. He came to show us that there is much we are not aware of and that we are trapped in a loop of repetition. We aren’t making permanent changes toward the better. We take steps forward in our evolution then take steps back.

    For examples of repetition, look at our local and global histories (various types of slavery, poverty, inequality, religious & other persecutions, hatred, sexual & physical abuse, etc). Look at reincarnation. Look at religions. Look at spirit hauntings that repeat former actions. They are all repetitive loops that are hindrances in some way for the living as well as for those in spirit. If we don’t change for the better and remain improved, we are doomed.

    Nations, various ethnic races, religions, and so on, possess a portion of the overall ‘who we are’ truth and other important truths, including the identity of who Humanity’s real enemies and allies are.

    A divided people are easily conquered and led. We are being misled.


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