CLEVELAND, OH – One airlines finds itself apologizing after a screwup that has parents furious!
Any way you spin the recent mishap by Delta Airlines, the result is bad. Delta Airlines is apologizing to two families after employees mixed up two children and accidentally sent each to the other’s destination.
The airlines is citing a paperwork mix-up for the child shuffle. Two unaccompanied minors found themselves in the wrong city at the same time. One in Cleveland instead of Boston, and the other in Boston instead of Cleveland.
An airlines spokesperson said that the mix-up occurred when both children had to catch connecting flights in Minneapolis.
“It was just weird. I was like, ‘I’m supposed to be at Boston, not Cleveland.’ It was just weird,” Kieren Kershaw told WHDH-TV in Boston.
“We apologized to the families, re-accommodated the children to their final destination cities at no cost, arranged full refunds for the children’s tickets, provided credits to the families for future travel, and refunded their unaccompanied minor fees,” Paul Skrbec said, airline spokesman.
Skrbec emphasized that the airline notified the families as soon as Delta realized its error, and that the children were under supervision at all times. “The situation is a very serious one,” he said.

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  1. For what the airlines charge – adult rates for a child over the age of 2, we should receive a little more attention for children traveling alone. Those team members should be reprimanded, and Delta should establish new procedures and checklists to ensure this never happens again. This is just short of kidnapping – if I 'mixed up' my kid at any public place, the police and child protective services would be called in to investigate me. Why not the airline? Delta says sorry, got the kids to ther right place, and oh, we watched them both after we made the mistake?? Fantastic customer service, Delta..will not fly with them again.
    Lost or missing suitcase fine – I can probably replace every single item, but not my child.


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