Every day courtrooms across the country hear child support cases.

One parent files against the other for financial support of a child.

When a parent gets behind in their payments, or doesn’t fulfill their court ordered obligations, they are in jeopardy of legal trouble. Sadly, it’s not an uncommon story anymore.

But a Washington State woman has child support story that is ANYTHING  BUT COMMON- sh claims that not only is Bigfoot the father of her daughter but her “Baby Daddy” is a Deadbeat Dad!


 Lily Goldenfield, is the mother of a beautiful 18-month-old girl. Lily purports she conceived the baby Yeti during a wild night of partying at a Yellowstone National Park Music Festival.

“It was a weeklong festival. My friends and I were having such a great time- drinking, dancing, camping out.  One night I was the only one left awake. The campfire was dying out. This gorgeous, Greek God looking guy, with long dark hair, just walked out of the woods.  Our eyes locked and the animal magnetism took over.”

Lily said that she couldn’t see the mysterious stranger clearly- she didn’t have her contacts in as she was preparing for bed. The fire was dying out, so the campsite was dimly lit and smoky.

“It didn’t matter. It was as if we had known each other our whole lives. When I asked him what his name was, he said “Bigfoot”.  I thought it was a nickname or something. I should have known he was telling the truth because he smelled like beef jerky.”

 One thing led to another and nature took its course. When Lily woke up, her paramour was nowhere to be seen. Just footprints on the outside of her tent, where her earthy lover must’ve walked away.

“I just thought it was a romantic night. The kind of night that dreams are made of, one that babies are made of too!”


The unbelievable story has a very believable ending- 9 months later, Lily gave birth to a 13 lb very hairy, little girl.  On the birth certificate she listed the father as Bigfoot.

“He’s the father. He didn’t show up for the DNA test but we got some skat from the woods and it’s a 99.9% match. Besides the fact our daughter is a year old and can climb trees!”

The court system thought she was kidding when she first filed for child support. But soon issued the proper documents that would financially cover the child.

“The hardest part has been serving him. Apparently, he has about 4 dozen baby momma’s that can’t find him. He hasn’t contributed one dime towards our daughter! All these years when you hear about Bigfoot being elusive turns out it’s not because he’s some mysterious legend -it’s because he’s trying to slip out on child support!”.

We reached out to Bigfoot for a comment on this story, but he nor his representatives have responded to our requests.

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  1. Obviously, his feet aren’t the only thing that’s big on ‘Squatch. HEY! It’s his Ego; skating from (at least) well over a dozen trysts. Yeti understands that it beats his jerky.


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