Since March, when quarantine began, piano man extraordinaire Sal Donato has co-written more than a dozen pandemic-themed songs with his trusty lyricist Boyce Day, who is also a WWN reporter

The pair’s most recent offering, “Modern World,” is the song to end all songs. “Literally,” said Sal. 

“Yep,” said Boyce. “We’ve said all we can say.”

“Sung all we can sing,” said Sal.

“We’re packing it up,” said Boyce.

“Shutting it down,” said Sal.

“Packing our tent,” said Boyce.

Sal began to hum: “Packing our tent…the letters I sent…they’re lost in the mail…I’m waiting for my ship to sail.”

“What?” Boyce said.

“Oh,” Sal said. “I just thought of another song.”

“Hey,” Boyce said. “I write the lyrics. You write the music. And this one right here, the Modern World one, is our last.”

“Can I have some whistling in it?” said Sal.

“I guess,” said Boyce.

“Because I know a whistler,” said Sal.

“I know a Whistler’s Mother,” said Boyce.

“What?” Sal said.

But Boyce had already left, slamming the door. The quarantine has really strained relations between the former best friends.
So here is Sal and Boyce’s piece de resistance, “Modern World,” with special guest whistling by Jonathan Lengel. 

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