GREENPORT, NY – A mysterious island with numerous media mentions is facing an uncertain future!
Plum Island has been the basis of novels, mentioned in movies and a hot topic ever since it became an animal disease lab during the Cold War. It has a lot of history, but the island has run its course and now the public is being asked for input on what is to become of it. The federal government is moving its activities to a new lab in Manhattan, Kan., and putting up a “For Sale” sign at Plum Island.
“The island has a remarkable environmental and ecological value,” said John Turner, who said he represented a coalition of civic groups calling themselves “Preserve Plum Island.”
Besides the laboratory, the island is home to a defunct U.S. Army base and a small lighthouse that looks out onto Long Island Sound. Author Nelson DeMille, whose 1997 book “Plum Island” featured a fictional detective investigating the murders of island biologists, told The Associated Press this week that he wants the government to retain ownership.
“The most obvious thing to do would be to make it into a federal park and nature preserve,” he said. “You could turn the lab into a visitors center.”
Representatives from several environmental groups spoke out against the planned sale Thursday night at a meeting held by the General Services Administration, which is responsible for the sale.
Check out the Montauk monster that washed up onto the shore of Plum Island.

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3 thoughts on “PLUM ISLAND FOR SALE”

  1. Congressional law stipulates the live foot and mouth disease can not be studied on mainland. If island is sold the DHS will completely absolve itself of ownership responsibilities and potential liabilities. (petroleum contamination,hazardous &controlled materials inactive and abandoned laboratory spaces ) Liabilities 50 years in the making. The DHS (fed Gov't) should lead by example "take something old and make it new" .

  2. why would anyone in their right mind want to be on that island?? who knows what is in the soil there. humm..even washington will not say what goes on there, the truth that is.


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