ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT – Cleopatra was a man – and the discovery of a secret scroll in a pyramid proves it!

That’s the word from maverick historian Jessica Durbeen. She presents an overwhelming mountain of evidence – including some carvings – that bolster her claim. Durbeen concludes that the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Empire was not the beautiful woman everyone believed she was.

Jessica Durbeen

It turns out that Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, had the whole Roman Empire fooled in the 50-30 BCE. While the theory may sound preposterous, Durban does present shocking evidence that proves Cleopatra was, in fact, a man.

— The discovery of an Egyptian birth certificate for a baby boy named Leopold. born in Alexandria in 70 BCE.

— An ancient scroll discovered in an Egyptian pyramid at Giza shows that Cleopatra had a number of lovers (male and female). He may have sired two sons. The scrolls reveal facts about “Leo’s” beard and his shaving habits.

— The scroll hints that Cleopatra did not commit suicide because of the defeat of her forces at the hands of Octavian. Instead, he killed himself because Mark Antony (and the Roman Empire) found out his true gender.

— Oral histories, passed down through the centuries, of Julius Caesar that clearly indicate that Caesar knew that Cleo was Leo. But it did not deter him at all from falling in love with him.

— There are only a few sculptures and carvings that show Cleopatra as a woman. Most show her with masculine features – strong jaw, prominent nose, big hands.


Durbeen tells Weekly World News she embarked on her investigation after meeting an old Egyptian psychic. She met him in a bazaar in Lebanon, where she was vacationing with her husband and dog. The psychic gave her some strong leads and she followed them. Finally, after years of research made her findings public.

The historian feels that it was a strategic move for Leopold to pretend to be a woman. “At the time, it was advantageous to be a woman,” Dubeen says. “Leopold thought that he could better control his army as a woman, than as a man. He deceived a lot of people for a long time. But then when he got involved with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, romance get in the way of war.”

Weekly World News believes her.

There are scholars of Ancient Civilizations that doubt Durbeen’s findings, but she is confident that she can defend her findings. “If I know anything after thirty-five years as a historian, I know this: Cleopatra had a penis.”

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