LOS ANGELES, CA – Taylor Swift held a fundraiser in Beverly Hills last night in support of Bat Boy’s 2020 run for President of the United States!

Taylor Swift, who recently hid Bat Boy out in her Nashville mansion, has become Bat Boy’s number one fan and wants nothing more than to see him in the Oval Office. Additionally, while Bat Boy was hiding from the FBI in her mansion, Taylor fell in love with Bat Boy. But Bat Boy is not in love with Taylor – “not yet,” a friend of Taylor’s told Weekly World News. “Taylor is writing a song for him. Once he hears it, he’ll be madly in love with her.”

Friends of Taylor tell Weekly World News that she is hoping that Bat Boy will marry her in the next year and that she will become the First Lady of the United States. “Taylor has always dreamed of being POTUS, but she would be FLOTUS if she was on the arm of Bat Boy.”

The fundraiser was a huge success. Top celebrities in Taylor’s “squad” were all in attendance, including Ed Sheeran, Ruby Rose, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Lorde, Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham, Cazzie David, and Lena Dunham. Taylor played a new song at the event entitled, “Bat Boy Forever,” which went over well.


Bigfoot, Bat Boy’s Vice Presidential running mate, was also in attendance. Bigfoot was very popular with the crowd, but he did have to lend a hand at one point. Scooter Braun and Justin Beiber tried to bust into the fundraiser at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Luckily, Bigfoot saw them coming and escorted them out, tossed them in a dumpster behind the hotel. Taylor is still extremely angry that Scooter got the rights to her original master tapes.

Taylor Swift raised over $10 million for Bat Boy’s presidential campaign. Bat Boy did not give a speech, primarily because he doesn’t talk, but he did participate in the festivities.

The Bat Boy for President campaign is just getting underway. Supporters of Bat Boy will be able to make small contributions to his campaign. He is confident that he can defeat Elizabeth Warren AND Donald Trump, and he welcomes the challenge. He is a mutant, but as Bigfoot says, “so are they.”

Weekly World News has a reporter embedded with the Bat Boy campaign, so we will keep you updated on his run for the White House.

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