NEW YORK, NY – Jeff Bezos is going to the center of the earth! For years he has been working on his Blue Origin project, trying to beat Elon Musk and Richard Branson to Mars, but now he is taking the lead by planning a trip to the center of Earth.

In 2010, American geologists, under Bezos’ direction, started drilling into the Kola Peninsula, near Finland. They had to stop when the crust turned gooey under the drill bit; at 356 degrees Fahrenheit. The underground rock was much hotter than expected at that depth. But Bezos pushed them to continue on. They finally drilled a tunnel extending 27.6 miles down.

The Bezos borehole is by far the deepest one ever dug, and it has the potential to reach 90 percent of the way to the Earth’s core. Many are laughing at Bezos’ idea to go to the center of Earth, but Bezos is convinced he can do it. “When it comes to inner Earth, nobody knows anything,” an Amazon source close to Jeff Bezos told Weekly World News. “Jeff always proves everyone wrong.”


Might there be a massive crystal at the center? What about a natural nuclear reactor? Are we so sure that the textbook diagram of the Earth sliced open, with nested layers of yellow, orange, and red, reflects reality?

Nobody else on Earth is attempting a trip like this. But many feel that there will be Bezos copycats. Others may want to catch a glimpse of the core—a place just 3,950 miles below our feet and yet, in many ways, less accessible than the edge of the visible universe, 13.8 billion light-years away. That’s why Bezos wants to go there. “Jeff always does the impossible,” the Amazon source said.


Jeff Bezos is taking his lover (and probable second wife) to the center of the earth with him. Lauren Sanchez, a helicopter pilot, and TV personality is confident that she can steer the “Deep Blue” ship down to the Earth’s core. The two lovers are looking forward to taking the trip together, having quality time alone and making the greatest discovery in the history of mankind.

Bezos and Lauren Sanchez are already training for their journey, which is expected to take place in the fall of 2020. They have been going on hikes in Washington State as well as in the canyons of Southern California. How exactly this will help them no one is certain, but they are having fun.

Some at Amazon worry about Jeff taking this trip down a massive borehole. “Ever since he’s been with Lauren he has been in another world,” said Sara Copolla, who is an SVP at Amazon. “I can see him trying to go to Mars, but taking a trip to the center of Earth? That’s absolutely wacko!”

Sanchez did not like Copolla’s comments (nor her attitude), so she had her fired from Amazon.

Can Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez make it through the Earth’s crust, mantle, outer core, inner core? What will they find there? Will they still be in love after their journey in blistering hot temperatures? Will they survive?

So many questions! Weekly World News will be following this story as Jeff and Lauren prepare to go where no couple has ever gone before!


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