LOS ANGELES, CA – A quick visit to a soon to be launched Web site might not get you in trouble at work!
Chances are if you stop by the Playboy Web site at work, you’re not going to please employers or you’ll be flagged for inappropriate material. Those of you that truly only read it for the articles, a long time wish of yours has been granted. Playboy is set to “undress” a site called The Smoking Jacket with content that will compete with other sexy, but nudity free magus such as Maxim and Stuff.
Although the lingerie models of Maxim might not exactly be “safe for work” as well, Playboy assures everyone that its site will be. Playboy’s non-pictorial content is on par with the likes of Rolling Stone and Vanity fair, but the media powerhouse is losing all the mid-day browsing web traffic to them.
“Safe for work” would equal millions and millions of men and women being able to visit Playboy’s content during the long and dreadful workday without any consequences from employers. The Web site promises to give you everything that you love about Playboy, “minus the stuff that’ll get you into hot water at the office!”
Perhaps this new initiative really has the fans in mind. Or perhaps its a move predicated by the state of the economy and the challenging times that have ensued. There’s already so much free porn and racy content on the Web, that Playboy was missing out. By providing its brand, at a much tamer level, for free, it will be able to emphasize its article content and hopefully get a leg up on an already struggling industry.

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