LONG ISLAND, NY – One girl was able to save the life of her friend thanks to watch she learned on a TV show!
Allyson Golden and Miriam Starobin both attend Long Beach Middle School and are both best friends. The two strengthened their bond after Tuesday when Miriam was able to save Allyson’s life.
The two were in music class when the teacher said something funny. They began to laugh hysterically until Allyson began to choke on her gum. Thanks to some quick thinking and what she had learned from SpongeBob Square Pants, Miriam performed the Heimlich on Allyson and was able to get the gum out.
“I was laughing hysterically and suddenly realized I’m not laughing any more. I can’t breathe. Then Miriam goes, ‘Ally, are you choking?'”
“Miriam pulls me off the ground. She gives me the Heimlich three or four times and the gum comes shooting out onto the ground five feet in front of me.”
Miriam said she was able to think back to an episode of the TV show in which SpongeBob gives his neighbor Squidward the heimlich and releases a clarinet from his throat. Allyson called the moment “the scariest of her life” but will forever be indebted to Miriam.

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