NEW YORK, NY – The common structure of schooling and education is being challenged by a new way of thinking!
“Unschooling” is a new movement that is sweeping the nation. In the movement, children get no education and basically teach themselves what they need to know and gives them more choices. Although there are skeptics, Michele Darr-Babson tells ParentDish that when it works, it can work magnificently.
“It enables children to focus what they’re interested in,” she says.
According to ABC News, there are 56 million American children in traditional schools, with another 1.5 million being home-schooled. It’s a testament to the growing number of parents who are choosing unschooling over “proper” schooling.
In unschooling, parents choose to forgo the typical public or private school institutions and they also opt out of tests, books and curriculums of any kind. In essence, parents play a near negligible influence in filling their children;s educational experience. Unschooling relies heavily on the children’s development of interest in topics that are adequate enough to inspire them to learn through the process of exploring those interests. In its most extreme forms, parents give children the opportunity to make almost all of their own decisions, doing away with a formal system of discipline, chores, and rules in general.
Check out a more in-depth look at the “Unschooling Movement” below.

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