LEADVILLE, CO – A high school career fair did not work out as planned thanks to one deputy!
In a shocking loss of judgement, a Lake County sheriff’s deputy used a taser on about 30 high school students on thursday morning during a career fair at Lake County High School. The taser was used on the students’ legs and some suffered burns of varying degrees.
Deputy John Ortega, with the sheriff’s department since August 2008, was immediately suspended for one week without pay. District Attorney Mark Hurlbert immediately dispatched investigators to determine if criminal charges should be filed.
“We had no idea this was going on,” said School principal Cathy Beck. “This is very unfortunate. I’m sorry the sheriff’s office thought it was appropriate. We don’t think it was appropriate.”
Apparently, the students had asked Deputy Ortega to taser them because they were interested in how it feels and he obliged them. Principal Beck said that she doesn’t know where to go with the incident and will leave that in the hand of the district attorney’s office.

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  1. These deputies should taser the principle. If more kids had one of these pointed at them they might actually sit down and learn something. Lake county should implement a new policy that anyone not making all A's should be tasered once a day until their grades come up to acceptable levels.
    Pretty soon everyone is going to have to start serving ice cream with marijuana in it just like califronia

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