ATLANTIC OCEAN – A terrifying creature straight out of a movie has been discovered by a submarine exploring the ocean’s depths!
Bathynomus giganteus sounds like a prehistoric dinosaur but is actually a type of giant isopod. According to to Fox News it’s “a large crustacean that dwells in deep Atlantic and Pacific waters.” Bart, as the isopod has come to be known, passes the time by feeding on “dead whales, fish and squid.”
The isopod made quite the splash when it was found attached to a submarine exploring the ocean floor. Individuals were shocked at the sight of the creature which was pinkish in color and two and a half feet long.
Bathynomus Giganteus is the largest of all isopods and its genus was first described in 1879 by a French zoologist. The first “Bart” was discovered when the French zoologist went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.
Ever since the discovery, the internet has been blazing about the creature. Stories of both shock and horror, and curiosity and admiration have come to the forefront. This new discovery makes it clear that there are still countless species out there that have yet to be discovered.

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