STORRS, CT – A child genius is suing his school for impeding his master plan for graduation!
Colin Carlson is a 13-year-old genius and is currently a sophomore at the University of Connecticut. Carlson is an honors student and holds a 3.9 grade point average. He’s pursuing a bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology and another in environmental studies. His path to graduation hit a bump in the road when UCONN denied his request to take a class that included summer field work in South Africa.
University officials told the young student and his mother that he was too young for the overseas course. Carlson has gone ahead and filed an age discrimination claim with the university and U.S. Department of Education.
“I’m losing time in my four-year plan for college,” he said. “They’re upsetting the framework of one of my majors.”
Colin’s mother, Jessica Offir, even went so far as to offer to chaperon him, pay her own way and release the university from any liability. The school still denied the request.
“If you don’t feel comfortable taking a 13-year-old because you don’t, then it’s the same thing as if you don’t feel comfortable having a black student on your trip or having a woman on your trip,” Carlson told the Hartford Courant.
When it comes to trips abroad, “generally speaking, student safety is our No. 1 concern,” Mike Kirk said, spokesman for the university.
Carlson says that once he’s completed his undergraduate studies, he will look to earn a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology and a degree in environmental law for a career in conservation science. He has plans to achieve it all by the age of 22.

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4 thoughts on “COLIN CARLSON”

  1. Wow thats amazing, Im happy for this kid but come on man Ecology????? Wtf. Mom step in here and push him towards law, or business, or something that will make him some $$$.

    • It isn't all about money.
      And besides — he is going into law. With a Ph.D. and a J.D., and with his fame already, he'll eventually make more than you could ever hope to. And he'll be saving the world.
      I'm on the same path, but at a slower rate.

    • wow you make me sick, let the kid learn about what he wants to learn about, some people find ecology to be very important.

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