OLD BRIDGE, NJ – A New Jersey woman is looking to break an unusual record and has piqued the interest of Tonya!
Donna Simpson, who already tips the scales at 600 pounds, is looking to double her weight in a bid to become the world’s fattest woman. The 42-year-old says that she is set on reaching the 1,000 pound mark over the next two years.
“My favorite foes is sushi, but unlike others I can sit and eat 70 big pieces of sushi in one go,” she told London’s Daily Mail in an interview. “I do love cakes and sweet things, doughnuts are my favorite.”
Health concerns will certainly be at the forefront, but Simpson insists she’s healthy. Hard to believe when she can’t walk and needs a motorized scooter to move around. Simpson wears 7XL dresses and makes fast food such as hamburgers and french fries a staple of her diet.
“Donna makes my eating routine seem like a joke. She does, however, make 7XL dresses look good. Bigger is Better!” Tonya, the world’s fattest cat, said through her spokeswoman.
To reach this unbelievable goal, Simpson says she consumes roughly 12,000 calories a day – the average woman should only consume 2,000. Her food bill runs somewhere in the $750 range for the week and she funds her eating habits by running a Web site where men pay to watch her eat.
“This is a woman after my own heart,” said Tonya through her spokeswoman. “I love sushi! I love sweet things! I love doughnuts! Donna Simpson has brought a tear to my eye and she has my full support in her quest. Come to think of it, I would love to be with her on her journey because I certainly would never go hungry.”

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  1. also to someone who knows you are just as pathetic as Donna is, if you support what she is doing then you need to just go out and shoot your self as well. CPS should look in on taking the child because it is not a good environment to raise a child in when you choose to kill yourself. You say her husband and she are good people, if that was the case they would think of the child or children and realize what they are doing to her or them. when Donna dies what will his words be to her? Oh I am so sorry little one or honey your mom died because it was her choice to kill herself from being to d*** fat. Instead of supporting them you should be trying to get the fat hog some mental help.

  2. She is very unhappy person who wants to arouse interest in his own person. I weighed over 100 pounds and mentally I did not want to fight for themselves. One day I woke up and said thatI need to to take back. In six months I have lost 42 kg. Just because you are well poukładałam in the head. Gave an impetus to me that the men behind me started to watch it. I got a manager – his whole life changed. The way you think it worth wasting your life just to get people to look at you and say I want to puke as you look "
    You have a beautiful face. Is it worth it for the moment there is nothing significant to do the fame of such a monster? The life you have one. Why should it end so quickly?
    The worst part is that you have an idea for a child can fall and you want to emulate. You have to be responsible and you are behaving like spoiled brat, who, in life there is nothing that came out as the stupidity …
    Lidia (Poland)

  3. where is your brain fat pig? maybe under the kilos of fat! what is she doing? her children watch her dying and she condsiders herself as a good mother?!

  4. What a disgusting display! This selfish, pathetic creature, clearly an unfit (in more ways than one) mother is caught up in the "Oh how much of a loser can I be to get attention and money " sydrome, just like those losers on reality shows. I'm sure she would love to have one of those so she could disgust a wide (and I mean wider) audience. She should be stopped, institutionalized, charged with child endangerment and hide in shame for the rest of her days.

  5. I think we should not insult her I think she is right the more your fat the more sexy I am 427pds and I love it I have a big butt and fat arms and most of all a sexy belly if you weigh less than 300pds you r wrong!!!!!
    I love how fat lovers look at me when I walk my fat jiggles women I am getting the goul of 750pds because I wanna beable to kiss a man every week!!!!! Ha! I love fat! I love Donna Simpson! I'm kissing fat!

  6. Donna is a disgusting pig and should be put to sleep, because you can bet your next pay check that when that fat ass ends up in the hospital it will be our tax dollars paying for her to have a gastric bypass and lipo. or some damn cardiac surgery. She will be on some talk show crying about how miserable she is, so f!@#$% pathetic.

  7. This is so sad. WOW she want's to be FAT. I guess she do not have a lot to live for. Her poor children SS please come and get her KIDs

  8. People are not meant to live like this and she will die very soon. We do not and should not accommodate people like this. She does not deserve extra seats on a plane, special consideration when she goes out, etc. This is filthy and disgusting. She will die a horrible death.


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