TOPEKA, KS – Parents are going to start to change their opinions on video games after n extremely rare video game has sold for an unprecedented amount of money!
A rare nintendo game, Stadium Events, has pulled in over $40,000 for one lucky seller.
“We had quite a collection of video games that has sat in our basement for over 20 years,” Dave told Y! Games. “The games were on a list to be brought to Goodwill – in fact, within a month. goodwill was going to have them.”
The same game recently made news when it was sold on ebay with an accompanying nintendo system for $13,105. This copy of Stadium Events was different. It was in perfect condition, right down to the original shrink-wrapping and Richard Gordman pricetag.
“Now I’m not much of a collector, but I know that having a factory seal is good,” he said.
The game’s unopened condition makes Dave’s copy of Stadium Events three time more valuable. Following suit, he placed it up on ebay and the game pulled in an astonishing bid of $41,300. It is believed to be only one of two shrink-wrapped copies of the game to be in existence.
Nintendo recalled the game back in 1988 and it is believed that only about 200 copies of the game escaped destruction. Fewer than 20 are thought to still exist.

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