ENGLAND – A young boy has gotten a second chance at a normal life thanks to a duckling!
Finlay Lomax, according to doctors, was expected to spend his life in a wheelchair. The four-year-old suffered a stroke as a baby and developed cerebral palsy. After the incident, doctors told his mother that he’d never be able to stand on his own two feet.
Enter Ming-Ming. Becci, Finlay’s 29 year-old mother, took in the duckling after a farmer friend told her Ming-Ming struggled to walk because of his bad leg and was going to be put down. Finlay began studying the way Ming-Ming walked with a splayed leg and started mimicking him. He told his mother, “I walk like the duck mummy.”
“I had been told Finlay might never be able to walk so it’s amazing to think he is taking steps thanks to the duckling,” said an astonished Becci.
Becci took the duckling to a vet who gave him physiotherapy and fitted him with a splint. Thanks to the treatment, Ming-Ming is able to limp around the house as his leg strengthens. Finlay took note and is now able to walk five yards at a time with the help of a zimmer frame.
“Finlay has really taken to him. He is now muc stronger and it’s great to see him walking. I’ve told him that if he works hard the one day he will be able to take Ming-Ming for walks on a lead. That os what he is really working towards.”
Ming-Ming is named after a character on the Nickelodeon TV show Wonder Pets. Check out his story below.

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