AUSTRIA – A millionaire has given a new meaning to “money is the root of all evil.”
Karl Rabeder, a 47-year-old business man, is giving away his fortune of roughly $4.7 million. Every single penny of it.
“My idea is to have nothing left. Absolutely nothing,” he told London’s The Daily Telegraph. “Money is counterproductive – it prevents happiness to come.” Rabeder was raised in a poor household and fostered thoughts of a better life if he had money. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for him. When he got rich, he discovered that he was unhappy and how without feeling the five star lifestyle is.
Rabeder currently resides in a beautiful 3,500 square foot villa in the Alps and drives a luxury Audi R8. He is going to give all that away for the simple life. He plans on moving into a wooden hut somewhere in the mountains of Innsbruck, Austria.
Where will all of his money go to? Rabeder has set up a nonprofit, MyMicroCredit.org, that provides microloans to entrepreneurs in Central and South America. Rabeder does not plan on taking a salary from the nonprofit.
“More and more I heard the words: ‘Stop what you’re doing now – all this luxury and consumerism – and start your real life,” Rabeder is quoted as saying. “I had the feeling I was working as a slave for things that I did not wish for or needs. I have the feeling that there are lot of people doing the same thing.”

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    • Mr. Rabeder, I am an educator and a single mother in Louisiana. This story is the fantasy of all mothers working hard and needing help. I have received my B.S. in Accounting and M.Ed. in Administration. The workforce is not to generous at this present time and thimes are even tougher. If you are still interested in assisting the less fortunate you may contact me at klbinder@yahoo.com.

  1. have came acror the story of mr karl rabeder giving his money to charity. am in kenya and have been looking for way to assist the needy people in the society in education taking care of strit children, i would be happy to get the assistant from such to touch the life of needy. p.o box 2885 00100 nairobi kenya.

  2. Muito intresante.espera como Karl otros milionarios façam isso.Muito lindo.Eu sou um viajante Turco ja morei muitos anos europa Alemanha,Austria,França italiadepois pasou meu cabeza para conhecer America da sul..Eee vida e triste.Anos povo usado como animais sem dar change.Mesmo assim povo consequi erquer sem cair uma abismo como Africa caio.Os europeas viren nao fizeren nada.Muitos veces ajudaren carrascos para continuar povo sofrer.as ingrejas muitos veces falan deus ate eles esqueceren povo.Eu moro desde 1973 en argentina,paraguay e Brasil.Gostaria muito ajudar cause de voces poden contar commigo.

  3. Dear Karl, Im Impressed by what you did, thank yoyu for setting a great example for many rich people who thinks that happiness is brought about my riches. I only hope i could reach you personally so that we can share the word of God, becuase that inner voice you heard is God who being speaking to you yet you didnt know that its him. You need to know him personally. Im a pastor here in Kenya

  4. Dear Sir,
    I will appreciate if you please mail me the Email address of this Horable Man Mr.Karl Rabeder so that I can mail him my heartiest thanks for his fonrtune contributions to the less fortunates arround the world.

  5. Hi Karl Rabeder
    am from Africa and wish had just but shelter,food and education please help me in your philanthropic mission,am from Kenya East Africa.
    Thank you

  6. I Agree with him.But to live without money is difficult too.
    I think to be happy is easy: have friends and a great love.but many people live alone and not have money to buy some clothes and food is necessary too.
    I dont know if he lives alone.But if he meet a good girl I think he wikll be happy.

  7. He that trusteth in his riches shall fall; but the righteous shall flourish as a branch. Proverbs 11:28 There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing; There is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches. Proverbs 13:7- I believe that Mr. Rabeder this is what he is trying to do, but know this you cannot do it without the help of Jesus Christ. I pray that he has trusted in this one and only way, for without it he cannot be truly happy. I hope that he will see this and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of you out there may not believe, but it's the truth.

  8. Mr. Karl Rabeder
    Estou desempregada a 6 meses e necessito orientações para obter o mepréstimo para comra de uma máquina de bordar, pois moro no NORDESTE Litoral de Pernambuco tenho 48 anos mas o mercado com essa minha idade não dá oportunidade m,as preciso sustentar ainda minha filha menor e estudante.Como sempre trabalhei fica dificil agora parar pq o mesmo e que sou casada com o meu trabalho não tive sorte no casamento e me separei a 5 anos e não recebo nada de pensão.Se possível mande-me notícias.
    Grata pela sua atenção.
    Atentamente aguarda,
    Lúcia Araujo

  9. I know he will be very happy. He is very rare in todays society. Money is the root of misery. I don't have much but I know I am happier than the people that have much. Wish there were more of his kind in this world. I have just about given up on mankind.

  10. It is a blessing to realize that your wealth comes from within. I tell my children often that cool is in the heart. God Bless you for realizing you will be living a purposeful life. Your riches will enable others to live with the feeling of insurance and protectiveness.
    God Bless you and your family.
    Families in Haiti would benefit from your generosity.

  11. It is for a good course to do that, but to live without anything to depend on is also worryong. I agree money is cause of most of the evil things as the bible says, but live without money is also a cause of temptation.

  12. It is gratifying to note that one person has realised that maoney cannot bring happiness. But at the same time one has to live especially in this our over-commercialized world. When Jesus talked to that rich fellow He asked him to follow Jesus after giving to Charity. May I encourage Bother Karl Rabeder to follow Jesus. Jesus is the only way to happiness. When you are next in Africa I wish to invite you to visit Kisumu City in the Western part of Kenya so that we can fellowship together in my church. There is a lot of insight that we can get from you.

  13. Mr. Rabeder, I dont know much about you ,but believe you me you are one of akind in this world, anyways Me too has a cause that needs assistance , for a wrong that needs resistance that is to cleanse the local government in our province for politicians who are corrupt and stealing the govt coffers, in the guise as a public servant. one reason why I am running governatorial slate here in our province, This coming national election 2010, I hope you can help financially for my campaign sorties expenses and for men who worked for me as volunteers, Thanks, GOD BLESS and more power.

  14. "las cosas de la vida ". mientras UD don Karl Rabeder no sabe que hacer con su millonaria fortuna yo estoy aqui sudando y luchando por conseguir el pan diario para mis hijos, miserable dolares por dia puedo alcanzar,tengo cuatro hijos y a veces ya no se a quien pedirle socorro.pero bueno es la ley de la vida, mientras unos derrochan ,otros vemos estrellitas para ver como sobrevivimos,estoy a punto de perder mi casa por una miserable hipoteca,pero bueno solo pido que si quiere ayudarme con unos 50 mil de los verdes ya arreglo todas mis deudas y me sobra algun dinero para seguir adelante.¿será que podrá ayudarme?mi telefono 00595982890767. por favor le suplico ayudeme

  15. Hola Mr. Karl, dirijo una ONG de jovenes que trabajan en obras benéficas a personas pobres y otras que viven en extrema pobreza. Aquí en la Región Piura-PERU, como usted sabrá somos un país subdesarrollado. Mi pueblo cholo y serrano (parte alta de la Regíon)tiene muchas necesidades. El fenomeno EL NIÑO ha atacado con frecuencia y sin piedad, y casi siempre en cada verano se hace presente para destruir y afectar aún a los más humildes.Nuestra ONG "IPRODEL" lleva socorro con alguna caridad de las buenas personas. Si usted pudiera ayudar, muchas bendicones tendrá y esta gente sin conocerlo se lo agradecerá. Escribame a : juanonoire@hotmail.com. Mi nombre es Juan Anastacio Elías. Telef, 051-073-397260 Piura-PERÜ

  16. KARL RADBEDER, I come from a small city and never had much but I always had my faith and my family's love. Money can't buy you friends,health nor love. Someone like you is very special and will be rewarded in many other ways besides money. I have lost a lot in my life and a sick child but I always find my way, it hasn't been easy by all means but I keep on moving forward and never give up,I have lost my home, job but I have my family, there is a saying and it is every door that closes another one will open, It does happen. Sometimes we don't see it but there are other people out there that are in worse shape, So I pray for them and my family too. Keep on smiling because it shows what kind of man you are and be proud of yourself. From a true friend, Milwaukee Wisconsin Patti

  17. I dont usually reply to articles, but wanted to say how impressed I am by what you have done. People seem to forget that even small kind acts of kindness to others means so much and truly makes the world a better place. Being a single mom, I have always tried to teach my son those things. Happiness can be found in the simple things, and you have gone above and beyond helping others and I admire your kindness, just remember to be kind to yourself and not forget you, in the process.

  18. I love what you are doing. I wish I could do the same. I have lost alot. Just in 3 years, cancer, stemcell transplant, my home foreclosed., my health I am on oxygen 24/7 and the worst of all my 25 yr old son died accidentally. My daughter and iI live i n a one bedroom apt,, and I cannot retire due to no savings now or home or social security. Techers Retirement require 37 yrs. I have 17. I am 61. The age of my ex who is married to a girl the age of his daughter. If I had a secure place to live I could live on 1250 a month like you. I would love to do something for your organization because God has shown me there are worse off than me and there are people like you in the world. I will add you to my prayer list that you can spread the word to those who think theirs is the worse. I would like the opportunity to help in your endeavor, Thank you

  19. Thank you – I was sitting at my desk today , just thinking about some of the bad things that were going on in this world today – and you made it better
    thanks , just thanks
    i hope you smile and someone smiles back today

  20. hello i am 59 and disabled if i could help you with your couse i would in a heart beat, but i just get by myself as you no you dont get much from being on a small pension, i cant even help my 2 boys and i always wanted to take my 2 grand kids to disney but i will never get them there, health is real bad at times and i am sure you all no what i mean, and i am sure there are some worse off tham me, so my dear man you enjoy your life in which ever way you want and i am 100 per cent behind you, much love to you avis, n.b canada

  21. "Charity and miserliness among people has nothing to do with economic status. The former can exist among the poorest and the latter among the most affluent" – Pamarthi (Wisdom in my Words).
    Charity is the greatest gift of God to man which is used the least.- Pamarthi (Wisdom in my Words).

  22. He that trusteth in his riches shall fall; but the righteous shall flourish as a branch. Proverbs 11:28 There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing; There is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
    Dear fried as a pastor I wish you best in your future
    God bless you

  23. Mr. Rabeder, я не знаю или Вы даже сможете прочитать это письмо так как оно на русском но реально хочеться попросить Вас о помощи так как не только страны африки нуждаються в помощи тут живешь в Украине и жить то не лучше для Вас несколько тисяч долларов это пустяк а а мне бы они очень помогли !

  24. hi Mr. Rabeder
    i live in iran and help to Homeless children
    i will buy home for children but my money not Enough
    can you help me for this
    help to Homeless and Derelict children

  25. Dear Karl,I sent you a message on facebook..maybe you can aswer to me .I need your help soon..Thank you very much.my email adress :traianaron@ilema.net , I wish you all the best.

  26. Dear Karl,
    I am from India, Mumabi. My nameis Mary George. I introduce my self. We had a business. I lost everything. Now homeless also. I have a child baby. She is studying in 3rd std. If you can help me also it shall be greateful in God. At least Now I required a Home . My humble request is if u can help me, my e-mail ID i can give you. Surely I will remember you my prayers.
    Thanks & regards,

  27. Dear Karl, The amazing story in Reader's Digest was where I first heard about you.. WOW! You are really a special person. What you are doing is extraordinary.
    It distresses me to see all these posts from people asking you for money. I've heard that's what happens when people win the lottery, too. So sad. Like everyone else, I too have wants and needs, but I would never think of writing to you or anyone else asking for money. Some of those who are asking you for money are most likely genuinely needy, but I don't approve of this method of getting help. You decide what you would do with your money without the influence of greedy people.
    What you are doing is a genuine act of charity. I wish God's blessings upon you for your generosity. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

  28. My husband and I have worked hard all our lives, we were both laid off at same time about 2 years ago, we used savings to pay bills, I got Real Estate LIcense and tried to make a life for us but just not making money, my husband has good job again but we are so far behind it is hard to catch up, I am trying to get regular job now so I can help, We are not asking for handouts just a way to pay all of our bills so we can be on track again, I am at the end of my rope, my husband works so hard. PLease help us.

  29. Hi Karl. If you van help me by giving me some money you don't want it would allow me the flexibility to use my time to help other people and animals.

  30. bonjour Mr karl
    je suis entrain de chercher de l'aide pour faire mon second cycle à l'université
    priere de me contacter par ce e-mail:sylvestre_ngami@yahoo.fr
    merci d'avance pour votre aide

  31. wonderfull, happiness, what an example, des milliards de gens"riches" j espere vont faire de meme, bravo karl! cessons tout le cirque de la sté de l'hyperconsommation!! occupons nous de l'essentiel, la vie, l'art, le vrai et le beau, le respect de la terre-mere
    si vs avez une idée pour partagerl'amitié et l'art ou aider les artistes ac expo, recitals ?
    je suis artiste et heureuse de vs connaitre!! (poesie, peinture, chanson gospel) voici mes pages artistiques, fiere de l'existence d'intelligences !! et de consciences! http://elisabethvalencic.unblog.fr

  32. hi karl thnak u so much u are the man vvery good and i know the god help u i am from madagascar i am divorce with my daugther for ( years i need your help i was working in lebanon from 15years before but now i caming back in my country i found work evrywer but i cant find specilally madgascar is very bad politic so please god help you my adress mail is andrmja@yahoo.fr my number phone is 00261344315432 if u cant give me money please i nedd work my name is ANDRIAMAMPIONONA MARIE JEANNINE OLGA THANK U

  33. hi karl how are u thank u for you we rae very happy for u i have problem then i need some help please specillay for my daugther thank u my mail is andrmja@yahoo.fr and my number phone 0344315432 thank u so much god help you

  34. hallo mr. Karl, my name is deni ,from indonesia. I am no job, can you help me find job.
    Nama : Deni Suyanto.
    Tempat tgl. Lahir : Tulungagung, 12 September 1982.
    Adress : Dusun Jengglik, rt/rw 01/02, Desa Sendang, kecamatan sendang Kabupaten Tulungagung, jatim. Kode pos 66254.
    Pendidikan : SMU Negeri 01 Karangrejo.
    No. Hp. : 085 259 525 784

  35. dobry den , cetl sem vase clanky , a ze rozdave´te chudym a ti co to potrebuji , tak bys tem mohl udelat dobry skutek sme peticlena rodina a potrebovali bychom pomoct financne sme z ceske republiky , tak jestli vas tenhle inzerat zaujal tak nam pomozte financne muj meil je telefungent@seznam.cz , a pokud bys te nam chtel pomoci tak nam muzete pomoct na ucet 2100147025/2010 , nezlobte se ze to tak pisu ale mame fakt financni problemi doufam ze me chapete , preji vam pekny den a budu se tesit na odpoved pozdravem milan

  36. dobry den pane karl rabeder, cetl sem vase clanky , a ze rozdave´te chudym a ti co to potrebuji , tak bys tem mohl udelat dobry skutek sme peticlena rodina a potrebovali bychom pomoct financne sme z ceske republiky , tak jestli vas tenhle inzerat zaujal tak nam pomozte financne muj meil je telefungent@seznam.cz , a pokud bys te nam chtel pomoci tak nam muzete pomoct na ucet 2100147025/2010 , nezlobte se ze to tak pisu ale mame fakt financni problemi doufam ze me chapete , preji vam pekny den a budu se tesit na odpoved pozdravem milan

  37. hello Mr karl rebeder, I am someone who is about to become a mother. I need all your help. I predicted by the doctor to give birth Caesar, while funding for the Caesar I do not have, because I am just saving up for a normal birth. Can you help me give me a loan? i am very needed. if you please, email me at rosalina067@gmail.com. great I hope you can help me. Thank you so much Mr. Karl

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