BEINJING – A young man in China got more than he asked for when joining a political party!
Xue Mingkai, a 20-year-old factory worker, received an 18 month jail sentence for joining a banned political party. Xue was unhappy with one-party rule in China and a court in the city of Shenzhen found him guilty of subversion of state power because he joined the U.S.-based China Democracy Party.
“This is very wicked, our country,” said Xue’s mother Wang Shuqing. “Chinese people have no human right.” Xue is just one of the recent casualties of vaguely defined Chinese laws that many believe are used to silence dissent.
Although China allows a small number of officially recognized parties, they serve as nothing more than advisers to the ruling Communist Party. “Since I was young I did not like the abuses of the one-party dictatorship and I wanted to establish a party to participate in politics and change the Chinese Communist Party’s way of governing,” said Xue during interrogation.
This is just one of many incidents in where Chinese Government and Politics refuses many rights to its people. Xue has paid dearly for a freedom denied by the communist party. Xue hopes to be an example of fighting for what you believe in and not taking “No” for an answer.

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  1. while, what is the connection with this story and this picture in this artical? I am wondering. I can say that picture not taking from mainland china. there are totally different stories. and why put these two together. Funny hahaha………..


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