NEW YORK, NY – Columbia students beware! There are some uninvited guests seen roaming the campus!
Students at Columbia University have been warned of wild animals seen on the campus. Coyotes were first spotted in front of the university’s Lewisohn Hall Sunday morning. School security has sent an e-mail to all students warning that the animals are still on the loose.
There has been numerous sightings of coyotes in New York City over the past couple of weeks. Wildlife experts have guessed that the coyotes are most likely coming from Westchester – navigating their way in along Amtrak Railroad tracks. Coyotes are also in the peak of their breeding season, so there may be numerous mother coyotes giving birth to four to eight pups come April and May.
Students, however, don’t seem to be too concerned. “There’s food everywhere in the city for them to eat, so why wouldn’t they come in?” says student Julia Feld.
Veterinarian Dr. Michael Farber has stated that there shouldn’t be any reason to panic. With that said, he still warns “They’re hungry animals looking for food. If someone were cornered threatening them, they could fight back just like a wild dog would. They probably shouldn’t be approached.”

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