GAINSVILLE, FL – One of college football’s most celebrated figures is quickly dropping on the popularity polls.
Tim Tebow’s last month certainly has not gone according to his script. Losing the national title to Alabama, giving less than stellar performances for scouts, and now the controversy concerning his upcoming pro-life Super Bowl ad only adds to the bumps in the road.
It comes as no surprise that Tebow is as religious as they come. He wears his religion on his sleeve and he came to be known for wearing bible passages on his eye black. Two national championships and one Heisman trophy have quickly disappeared from the football legend’s view. He’s been mired in a less than positive view by the public over the last month.
Focus on the Family, the group that financed the commercial, wanted to highlight Pam Tebow’s decision to give birth to Tim despite a doctor’s recommendations to do otherwise. Groups such as Planned Parenthood, who advocate pro-choice, have come out in full force against the ad. “Tebow’s story was compelling, but every woman must be able to make important medical decisions for herself and her family,” said Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards.
We must wait on the edge of our seats till the ad airs this Super Bowl. Until then, Planned Parenthood has released a counter video including former professional athletes Al Joyner and Sean James. Check it out.

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7 thoughts on “TIM TEBOW FALLOUT”

  1. I am a believer in free speech but I can't believe we are bringing religion and politics into the Superbowl….really?? Is nothing sacred anymore. I used to anxiously await Superbowl commercials, now I guess I will refill the chips and dip during commercials.

  2. The overtly negative press this pro-life ad by Tim Tebow is receiving is absolutely ridiculous! If he would have done a pro-choice ad, there would have never been the backlash that we are seeing now. Tim is a moral, hard-working and outstanding young man who is standing up for what he believes in. Isn't that what we teach our children to do? I know this view it isn't popular with our liberal society, but the last time I checked, we live in a FREE country and we all have been given the right to FREE SPEECH!

  3. If Planned Parenthood is for all women being able to make "important medical decisions" for themselves, why are they up in arms at a women making the "medical decision" to have her son? To the organization's way of thinking, it seems that they only rally around the ability to decide to abort the baby. Should not Mrs. Tebow's decision be just as valid and affirmed as terminating the pregnancy? Personally, I also am strongly pro-life, but if Planned Parenthood wants to represent options for all women, let's not belittle the ones who choose life for their baby.

    • YAY! Susan Day! Very well stated. I've always thought it wholesomely wrong that Planned Parenthood promotes abortion as the single outlet for planning your family or dealing with an unexpected pregnancy.

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