NEW ZEALAND – A teenager has resorted to extreme measures to pay for tuition!
In order to meet the demands of her tuition bill, an anonymous 19-year-old student has auctioned her virginity to the highest bidder. According to the girl, her ad has received more than 30,000 views and has brought in about 1,200 bids. The girl placed her ad through the website www.ineed.co.nz.
Web site owner Ross Mckenzie has stated that as long as no general standards of society are broken, then the ad is fine. New Zealand has a different view on prostitution. In the country it is viewed as legal under laws considered more liberal than many countries. If the consent is mutual amongst adults, then there is no illegal activity. In addition, sexual services can be advertised through print ads and online.
Jon Neilson, who is the national police spokesman, has come on record to assure that no laws have been breached. However there are concerns and Neilson says, “we would suggest it’s not a safe practice.” Unigirl, which is the anonymous girls username, has said, “I am offering my virginity to the highest bidder as long as all personal safety aspects are observed.” In addition she says, “This is my decision made with full awareness of the circumstances and possible consequences.”
Desperate times call for desperate measures. However, the line has to be drawn somewhere. All one can hope for is that someone will see this story and reach out with help before any possible consequences become a reality.

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