NEW ZEALAND – A teenage girl was attacked by a shark but lived to tell her story!
Lydia Ward, 14, was with her brother at Oreti Beach on the country’s south island when the shark attacked. The shark is believed to be a broad-nosed seven gill shark. The creature is on record for attacking other swimmers at Oreti Beach. Lydia was unable to notice the shark before the attack took place.
Instead of panicking, Lydia showed some true heroics. She had heard about a surfer who fought off a shark attack with her board. “I saw my brother’s face and turned to the side and saw this large gray thing in the water so I just hit it on the head with a boogie board,” Ward told National Radio.
The shark’s bite ripped Lydia’s wet suit and penetrated her skin, but the teen required no stiches. Lydia has no plans on returning to the beach anytime soon and will be spending more time at rivers and lakes in the future.

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