CHARLESTON, SC – How did Noah get breeding pairs of all the Earth’s animals into a single boat? Where did manna come from? How did Jesus feed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fishes? How did Christ walk on water? And what really happened to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?
These great Bible mysteries, which have baffled Christians for over 2,000 years, have finally been solved by Bible experts who concluded after a five-year study that “God’s ways, though often mysterious, are sometimes crystal clear.
“And in the cases of these Bible miracles, there is no mystery at all. All we have to do is open our eyes. The solutions really are there for everyone to see.”
Dr. James Rhodes, Bernadette Carter, Phillip Gaylord, Dr. Margaret Creed and Dr. Robert Stephenson headed up the panel of Bible scholars, theologians and clergymen who examined the mysteries in light of the historical record and current scientific thinking and provided a solution for each of them.
“Our conclusions will seem controversial to some, but they are in no way meant to diminish God’s power and supremacy over everything that was, is and will be,” explained Mrs. Carter.
Here are the experts’ explanations for five great Bible mysteries:
1. How Noah got breeding pairs of every animal on Earth in a single boat.
The solution, say the experts, is simple if you look beyond artists’ conceptions of the event that we have all seen over the years.
“Noah filled the ark mostly with babies and eggs that took up less space and required less food than adult animals,” said Dr. Rhodes.
“It is also safe to assume that the Great Flood, though extensive, didn’t cover the entire Earth as many people believe.
“In the Aramaic that the Bible was originally written in, the story of Noah describes the Flood as covering ‘the world,’ which, when accurately translated, simply means the Middle East.
“So in point of fact, Noah only loaded local animals onto the ark – not every animal on the planet.
2. Where manna came from.
While searching for the Promised Land, Moses and his followers faced great trials and tribulations – including the threat of starvation.
They survived the worst of times eating manna from Heaven – a sugary, bread-like substance that “fell from Heaven.”
In fact, as the experts point out, manna is produced by plants indigenous to the region the group was exiled in. The miracle, of course, is that the plants produced ENOUGH manna to feed thousands of people.
“Outside of a single miraculous incident, this is unheard of,” say Galord. “It truly is a miracle of the first magnitude.”
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  1. I certainly believe more that The Great Flood only happened in Mesopotamia, but we cannot measure the Bible. If the flood happened only in Mesopotamia, then it rejects the location of Noah's ark in the Mountain Ranges of Ararat according to the Bible, it could be somewhere else in the Persian Gulf or somewhere near to it if that is so. But God is mysterious, anyway, when Jesus returns, I will ask Him about that so with the Manna, and the others.

  2. This is all garbage! We cannot twist the words of the bible to "fit" to our understanding; mans understanding. The bible said the flood covered the earth, therefore THE EARTH not just parts. I could address the other sections, but it'd be a waste of my time, please don't believe all you read. Stick to the WORDS in the bible; they'll not mislead your understanding!

    • And I believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden, that the earth is flat and that there is a ghost who controls everyone (not). I believe in ICE 9 and Catch 22 and all the other myths ! The bible is just a book, just like all of the other books that have been written.

  3. The words of the Bible are true and accurate. Man's understanding simply cannot fathom how great the mighty God we serve, if he can create both heaven and earth then how can he now cover the earth with flood water…

    • nikka thou art right, a man in his own natural and human way the things of God are far from him.

  4. whoah this weblog is magnificent i really like reading your articles. Stay up the great work! You understand, many individuals are hunting around for this information, you could aid them greatly.

  5. i agree with susie…stick to the bible.im confused with the point that noah took the eggs…how can a man know the gender by seeing the eggs???????????????????????

    • It's unfortunate that preachers and alot of people take the bible literately. The bible is full of allegories, myths, and it's a psychological and spiritual book. We must learn to understand the hidden meanings of the scriptures. That is why Jesus even had to speak in parables, so that everyone could understand. Jesus like Buddha and Mohammed and all other great teachers knew the Laws of Life, and they knew and came to teach the Truth. That is why Jesus said I AM the way the truth and the life. Jesus also said "Before Abraham was I Am. Meaning we are the the expression of God and ought to practice the presence of God. John 3:16; For God so loved the world the he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. The begotten Son is the expression and attributes of God. We are here to grow and express life, light and truth. People misinterpret that scripture and believe that we have to accept Jesus to save us. Save us from what? There is no literal Hell or lake of fire. The only heaven and hell we create is in our own minds. When we all learn to practice the Presence of God, then we will know the Way the Truth and the Life that Jesus talks about in the Bible. Jesus said I AM come that they may have life and have it more abundantly

  6. Without question, there is one and only one great mystery of our faith: that Jesus Christ was revealed in a human body and vindicated by the Spirit; he was revealed by the Father from a cloud, seen by angels and announced to the nations; the fact that he has been believed in throughout the world and taken to heaven in glory, with a promise to return again for us is the greatest of all of the Bible mysteries.

  7. This is trash. What's this about God not banishing adam and eve from the garden. The story about the five loaves? The ways of God are not the ways of man. The wisdom of man is like foolishness to God

  8. Undeniably consider that that you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the web the simplest factor to consider of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed at the same time as other people consider worries that they just don't realize about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and also defined out the whole thing without having side effect , other people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thank you

  9. I kinda appreciate the mysteries talk, its interesting, God works in mysterious ways, by having these so called mysteries, we tend to either defend our beliefs or embrace a newer understanding of it. For those against, its ur opinion and those who are not its ur opinion. Let Godly ways guide all ur opinions. If we strive to be like Jesus then you so called faithful followers, those who are mocking and ranting, think twice, what would Jesus say. Ps Constantine changed many things in the Bible. Maybe it Gods will we find the truth. From stories I've heard, the tree of knowledge was the greatest knowledge to have and that was like the serpent said: you can be like God. So what was it, mmm God's greatest gif to man was to create man. So Adam and Eve had u know what. They discovered how to create another human. Question: why were there angels guarding the entrances to Eden, who was outside.

  10. are you a God who can fathom the mysteries of GOD? about that informations you've post, do you mean that that are the truths that do you knew? analyze again what you are reading in the bible,, because you are leading the people into a wrong way of understanding…you are denying the power of Jesus to do miracles, you are stamating the power of GOD…is GOD made the heaven and the earth by that kind of reasoning? think about it, before its to late..repent…and ask GOD to help you understand bible in truth..thank you..GOD BLESS..

      If the bible says manna and you say they are fruts, then you are subtrcting and adding to the word of GOD. Those things above are not mysteries, instate, they are inconsistant to the word of GOD i tell you. THE BIBLE SAYS MANNA FROM HEAVEN…. IF YOU BELIEVE THAT THERE IS HEAVEN YOU WILL, THEN DON'T COMPARE HEAVEN WITH TREES………….

    THAT MEANS, DO NOT ADD(addition and multiplecation), DO NOT SUBTRCT(subtraction and divition), DO NOT SUBTRACT AND ADD(substitution).

    • i agree
      i think it may have some logic about noahs ark and the manna thing but i dont think the stuff about adam and eve and jesus miracles are true neither is the fact the noah didnt all the animals on earth because the bible says so and theyre denying stuff that are clearly written in the bible.

    • Read the BIBLE again and confess your sins..my bros;;…i am sorry to say that…but you have to search by yourself……

  12. I' m a born again Christian and have read the Bible for over 55 years…I think that much of the Bible should be taken in a symbolic sense…there are myths there, but they are not how that word is used today. They are stories, that did actually happen, but not literally. It does not diminish the mysteries of God's methods or agape love He sent to us. The whole universe begs answers reference live itself. The only real fact that we have right now, is that we are alive to be able to post our opinions. I think to love others and to think and post our ideas is one of the most priceless things we can do while we still are alive. John Romaine

    • Archaeology confirms the Bible, so believe. . .the more good knowledge, the closer to Him, the further from yourselves, the more Love, Hope, Belief. Believe.
      Tried facebook research on the Christian Bible page yet? Slowly, yet slow building. . .

  13. Without Faith it is impossible to please God, in order for me to believe what I read in the Bible, I must have faith that Jesus is capable of performing these miracles without reason of the carnal mind. My opinion is that he did not need the help of plants to feed the children of Israel and by trying to figure out how these miracles are possible just simply means you lack the faith to believe he is capable of them.

  14. Because of Jesus i am alive today… I believe in Bible and I believe Christ Jesus.
    He who is in Me is greater than the one who is in the world..
    Lord behalf of them i ask forgiveness.. Amen


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