With a dash of common sense and a glib tongue, you can convince a traffic cop not to give you a ticket, says an expert!
“Learn to develop the right attitude,” said David Kelley, who wrote How to Talk Your Way Out of a Traffic Ticket. “An officer is human, too. If you really try to show him that you’re not some jerk who’s trying to get away with something, he will respond.”
Kelley offered these innocent-sounding comments you can use – in your own words – which just might convince an officer not to flip open his ticket pad:
– “I’m usually a very safe driver, officer. A warning from you will be more than enough.”
– “Insurance for someone my age is pretty high. Will you trust me not to make the same mistake again?”
– “Will you excuse me this one time? I promise you won’t ever have to stop me again.”
– “This is my first offense. Could you give me some extra consideration?”
– “I know I was going a little too fast, but I have an emergency on my hands. I’m taking my (son, friend) to the hospital.” (Don’t lie about this. The officer may take your license and follow you to the hospital to see if you really do have an emergency!)
– “How can I fix my car so it will be completely legal, officer?”
– “Officer, is there anything I can do or say that would make you decide to give me just a warning, instead of a ticket?”
And here are some things you should definitely NOT say to an officer who has stopped you, according to Kelley:
– “I’ve had five tickets. If you write me one more I’ll lose my license.” Chances are the officer will jump at the chance to get you off the road for a while.
– “I’ll see you in court.” After giving you the ticket, he’ll be better prepared to beat you in court by taking extensive notes about the violation.
– “You can’t write me a ticket – I haven’t done anything wrong!” The officer will take this as a challenge and be certain to write you a ticket.

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  1. I am sorry, but realistically you can believe that there are racist cops that just give tickets to minorities regardless the method you use to avoid or talk your way out of it. What advise to have have for talking your way out of ticket from a red neck or skin head cop?

    • It really just depends on where you go…i've never even seen a racist cop, but i know that even some of my friends have accused cops of being racist. One of my friends was going 55 on a 30 road, and when a cop pulled her over she accused him of doing it just cuz she was black. Yea, he gave her a ticket.

  2. The Cops I know say that if they have to stop you, they are writting a ticket. They won't stop you for no reason. They also go on to say that there's alot of crap involved with pulling you over. That's the stuff you don't see or know of.

  3. Officer, I know I'm just a woman and I wouldn't lie, because you could probably read me like a book. If you promise not to give me a ticket, maybe we can discuss the braille system.


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