BARCELONA – A 75-year-old grandmother salsaed her way into TV victory!
Paddy Jones is a 75-year-old British citizen who now lives in Spain. With her dancing partner 40 years her junior, they competed on the Spanish equivalent of “America’s Got Talent.”
Wearing only a dark tight dress, Jones managed to blow the audience away with her slick moves! She and her partner Nico took home $15,000 for their victory.
Surprisingly, Jones took up salsa dancing only 5 years ago after the death of her husband! “I’m living proof age is no barrier,” said Jones.
“It’s crazy, life has just turned upside down. Since then we’ve been recognized everywhere. I was in the doctor’s and people were coming up to me, and at the supermarket and even when I went to fill up with petrol. It’s absolutely wonderful.”
Check out her performance below:

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