Angels are real and they move among us – guiding and protecting our lives, declares a respected journalist and teacher.
Sophy Burnham, author of A Book of Angels and Angel Letters, has detailed hundreds of fascinating real-life encounters that people have had with these heavenly beings.
She says she herself was saved from falling off a cliff by an angel on skis!
Here are a few of the amazing cases documented in her books:
– Eight-year-old Marilyn MacDonald was hit by a car and tossed high in the air while crossing the street on the way to school.
Her parents watched in horror as the little girl hit the pavement and rolled toward a large open sewer drain. But instead of falling in, she suddenly stopped… right at the edge.
Later, as the doctor was treating Marilyn’s injuries, her parents told him she’d escaped certain death by stopping short of the sewer. “But she was rolling so fast, why didn’t she fall in?” they asked out loud.
Then, Marilyn spoke up: “But didn’t you see the beautiful angel standing the sewer, holding up her hands to keep me from falling in?”
– William Lindemann of Tahoma, Calif., was walking on a frozen lake when a blinding snowstorm suddenly engulfed him.
Out on the ice, miles from safety, he was reduced to crawling on his hands and knees toward shore.
“Please, dear God help me,” he prayed.
Then he heard the blast of a marine research station foghorn and a voice warning him to stay to the right to avoid a break in the ice. Finally he reached the station… and was saved. A bearded man brought him inside and gave him a warming cup of coffee.
When the storm ended, Lindemann went back to thank the man and saw a “closed for the winter” sign on the station door. He checked and was told the station had been closed for some time and no one had been working there.
The rescued man could find no other explanation – the bearded stranger must have been an angel!
– In one of the most remarkable cases ever reported, author Sophy Burnham herself was pulled from the brink of death by a skiing angel.
While zipping down a slope in Val d’Isere, France, with her husband, Sophy fell and slid on her back toward the edge of a cliff.
Suddenly, a skier dressed in black hurtled from nowhere and skied in front of her. And with just yards to spare, he caught her and stopped her death slide.
Then the stranger skied up the slope and disappeared.
Declared Sophy: “It was an angel in human form – and he saved my life.”

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6 thoughts on “ANGELS ARE REAL”

  1. The late Jerry Ohrbach narrated a program about the Six Day War in 1967. Many Israeli soldiers told stories like these. One captured Egyptian commander, when asked why he would surrender a much larger force to a few Israelis, said, "A few Israelis? We saw hundreds of armed soldiers, and angels."

  2. Yeah, like none of that could be a coincidence. Humans are rigged to find patterns in things even when there’s no patter to be found and we jump to conclusions. Another thing humans do is embellish stories; we do this consciously and unconsciously. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that this was divine intervention.

  3. angels are real the bible says you can't even breath with out your angel who do you think is that voice that you talk with in your mind.

  4. i have seen micheal the angel in malaga recently…. aftr his disasterios battle witht the devil last month. he was working out putting on weight for the pcoming rematch… he seames to be exercising his wings allot and i have talked to others that say they have seen him in the form of a lion…every body is chearing him on even thow where not whos side he is on… the bible say the devils greatest trick will to fool every body,,, bt when i read frther nto the bible the arch angel michael is the leader of the lords army… i am praying for him daily …may cast the devil from the earth if possible……go micheal who is sing an alias that has not been released

  5. Just found your site. I'm an angel believer with a great story and wanted to share it. Found this site that is looking for Angel Stories, just in case anyone out there has a story to share. It's http://www.AngelNook.com. Keep up the good work!


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