BUDAPEST – Two brothers living in a cave in Hungary are set to inherit $6.6 billion!
Zsolt and Geza Peladi are middle-aged brothers living in a cave on the outskirts of Budapest. They had turned to selling scrap for a meager living, but were only scraping buy.
But the Peladis’ lives are about to change, as they may be entitled to their grandmother’s $6.6 billion estate!
The unidentified woman (kept secret to deter possible fraudsters) passed away in Baden-Wurttenberg, Germany. She was the Peladi’s maternal grandmother.
“We knew our mother came from a wealthy family, but she was a difficult person and severed ties with them, and then later abandoned us,” said Geza.
“We don’t know yet if she even told our grandmother about us. I understand it was only while they were carrying out genealogical research that lawyers found we existed.”
Hungarian charity workers found the brothers after the woman’s lawyers began the search. Gyula Balazs Csaszar, a volunteer at Budapest’s Maltese Charity Service, said, “We were contacted by a lawyer asking us to find the brothers. He claimed he could help their lives with a large sum of money.”
The Peladis would share the money with a sister who lives in America. They only need to find a copy of their mother’s birth certificate in order to show proof of identity.
The brothers seem most excited about the romantic possibilities ahead! “If this all works out it will certainly make up for the life we have had until now – all we really had was each other. No women would look at us, living in a cave. But with money maybe we can find a partner – and finally have a normal life.”

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19 thoughts on “ZSOLT AND GEZA PELADI”

  1. 6.6 billion !
    Nice ! , good to see the poor have a chance to rise up and with 6.6 BILLION
    it will be interesting to see if they decide to be greedy , or share some of there fortune .
    I sure could use a hundred grand , that alone would change my life =/
    Congrats guys , can't say I'm not jealous

  2. I guess Tigers ex-misrtresses now have a couple of new targets. I can hear the recorded phone messages now; "Hi honey,this is Caveboy,can you take a pic of your ___ and send it to me?"

  3. How can someone get in touch with the charity group that tracked down these guys- I would need a translator for their website.
    There must be many more people living in the same area as these 2 – I've been trying to adopt a child living in conditions like this from ANY COUNTRY – I make enough money to adopt 4 kids and raise the comfortably and put through University – I have excellent medical benefits – but I am not eligeable since I am not married!!!!!! These poor guys say women wouldn't look them – I'd marry a guy living in a cave just to get him out of the country – preferrably one with children – then I wouldn't be denied the opportunity to adopt children (and I mean I'll marry one of the guys still living in a cave or in filth and poverty, these 2 will find too many women after them now- and probably not very nice women!!!!) If anyone knows how to get in touch with a lawyer who can find a way to help me "meet" one of these men living in poverty who would like to have a wife, please post it – internet dating isn't going to be available to these guys – and they probably have better personalities than the ones I've met on internet dating!!!!!!

  4. Nice try eligeable wife , those guys may live in a cave but they weren't born yesterday. Let's hope that they can see that there is more to life than money or golddiggers out to rob them. They should see the best things in life are what money can't buy them. They aren't proven the heirs yet so women keep your pants on, they may not be wealthy later on if they don't have the birth certificate proof or the mother that distanced herself may have a will preventing them from inheriting this later on..Geez, ppl see dollar signs and they right away act sympathetic. Funny how those like eligeable didn't try to "find' those guys before they stand to inherit all of this now. Don't even know wha tthese guys are like, if they can even handle a relationship, and they want them NOW..what a joke.

  5. This is a wonderful rags to riches story. After long suffering times they're coming into their own. Hope they find their mother's birth certificate!! That would be a total bummer if they didn't – back to the bat cave then.

  6. it is such a great story. let them do whatever they want with the money, seems they have suffered enough. if they were able enough to survive on next to nothing and live in a cave but maintain a stable relationship to one another, surely they are able to make good choices about moving forward with this unexpected windfall. good luck to them both!

  7. Good for you both may you great Happiness I was worth Millions and now I may lose my real estate I know how you must feel ….A real Xmas miracle good luck to you both.


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