LONDON – A set of British parents believe they have seen Michael Jackson in their baby’s ultrasound!
Dawn Kelley and William Hickman are expecting a child next March. Kelley went for her 20-week ultrasound scan, to discover that her doctor couldn’t see the fetus’ stomach.
She was then sent a few weeks later to another medical center for a more powerful scan. It was there that they received the very detailed image.
Kelley said they were going through the pictures later on, and Michael Jackson’s face jumped out at her!

The father said, “I showed my daughter Ami, who’s six, and she saw it straight away, so I thought, ‘Well if she can see it too it’s not just me seeing things’.”
They have shown the rest of their children, Chris, 16, Amanda, 15, Jason, 13, Alisha, 10, Ami-Lee, six, and Kye, four, who all agreed it was his face.
Kelley said, “I’ve had plenty of scans before and none of the photos have ever looked like this one. It’s a bit spooky really.”
They know the child will be a girl, so no Michael Jackson Jr. here.
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  1. Ho My Good, Somebody bite me please. …. ok are new saver is Michael Jackson OK…. is the new Jesus, is back to save the rock and roll, and all those crazy fan, Sometine Watching to much Youtube Tha may give you some allucination time to time….. My god Get a life will you.
    and live Michael Jackson alone on is trip.

  2. if this were really an ultra sound of something that looked like michael jackson, wouldn't they be feel perfectly comfortable holding the picture in their hand and taking the picture as opposed to doing it sideways and up close? it looks like a tv and this is fake. they are trying to make money/get publicity off of this, DUH.


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