GRANTON, WI – A woman in Wisconsin called the police to report a drunk driver – herself!
Mary Strey, 49, called policed on the night of Halloween to report a drunk driver. As it turns out, Mary had been barhopping before heading home, and thought it would be best to report herself while she was still driving!
Listen to her well-intended call below:

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3 thoughts on “MARY STREY”

  1. Ha, thats funny! Well not drink driving but reporting herself. Hmm I wonder if she though about getting a taxi. Would have been much safer and cheaper, At least she was honest?

  2. I have to agree with you Liz. Think though that there is something deeper here – looking for attention? Or maybe she has a thing for Cops. Hopefully they had her talk to a shrink before they cut her loose.

  3. She couldn't call a taxi. There aren't cabs in Granton – it is a rural community of about 200 people and mostly dirt roads. Yeah Mary!!!!


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