An amazing new study has revealed that short people are luckier than tall people in gambling, business and dodging death in natural disasters.
The startling conclusion was announced following a world conference on the Structure and Functioning of the Human Body held recently in Stockholm, Sweden.
An advance copy of their findings sent to Weekly World News reports that:

  • At least 82% of lottery jackpot winners around the world have been 5-foot-4 or shorter.
  • Three of every four million-dollar slot machine winners in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, the Caribbean and other gambling centers have been between 5-foot-2 and 5-foot-6.
  • The same casinos report that shorter gamblers by far are the luckiest at picking the right numbers at roulette tables.
  • Winners of the two biggest payoffs in horse racing history were short people.
  • Whether it’s horses, jai alai or dog racing, 79% of the people who win big are less than 5-foot-6.

“Gambling is not the only function where shorter people have an edge,” said conference chairman Dr. Sten Johanson. “They seem to be in the right place at the right time. At least 55% of corporate leaders around the world are people under 5-foot-8 who will be the first to admit they owe much of their success in business to a lucky break.”
The study also revealed that two-thirds of the people who died in earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters over the past five years were tall by today’s world standards.
“Time and time again, our researchers discovered uncanny incidents where short people walked away while taller ones died,” Dr. Johanson said. “If they weren’t just plain lucky, how else do you explain that?”

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