LONDON – The largest batch of Anglo-Saxon treasure ever discovered was found by an unemployed man!
Terry Herbert is an unemployed metal-detecting enthusiast. He bought a used metal detector for about $6 and went exploring in Staffordshire. While looking through the fields of a friend’s farm, his detector went off.
Herbert had stumbled upon the treasure find of a lifetime. He spent five days sifting through the soil and collecting piece after piece before he realized he needed professional help.
Archaeologists ended up recovering 11 pounds in gold and 5 pounds in silver! It is believed the artifacts are from Mercia, one of the five main Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, dating somewhere between 675 AD and 725 AD.
The stash contained almost 1,500 pieces, which includes helmet crests, enamel-studded sword fittings and even a checkerboard piece. A number of the military items bear religious insignia or inscriptions, which will help archaeologists further understand the Anglo-Saxons’ relationship between Christianity and warfare.
Because the treasure is over 300 years old, it will offered for sale only to accredited museums in Britain. Herbert and the unidentified farmer will split the profit 50-50, meaning they each will be becoming millionaires!
Take a look at the video below that features some of the biggest pieces:

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  1. so… British treasure hunters are allowed to collect 100% of the value of national treasure but foreigners who find brit treasure in international waters, items that brits made no effort to find no less, are somehow taxed?


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