JUNEAU, AK – Sarah Palin continues her feud with David Letterman this week.  Thursday night the Alaska Governor got back at the comedian by delivering a stand-up routine making fun of him.

Last night, Governor and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin headlined at the Anchorage Laff Factory.  Performing stand-up for the first time, she did a twenty minute set making fun of talk show host David Letterman, getting back at him for jokes he made about her family when they went to New York City earlier this week.

“Do you know what the difference is between a pitbull and a hockey mom?” she opened her act.  “Whether or not Letterman is wearing lipstick when they’re done with him.”  She went on about David Letterman being old, cranky, or skinny with jokes taken mostly from “Garfields Big Book of Insults, Put-Downs, and One-Liners.”   At the end of her act she brought out a cantaloupe with Letterman’s face poorly drawn on it, including two Chiclets glued on as his teeth, and smashed it with a large hammer.

The Alaska crowd went nuts for the already popular Palin. Her routine was met with raucous applause and a standing ovation.  When asked in her dressing room if she would consider taking her comedy to other parts of the country she said, “I don’t know.  Those New York/Hollywood types probably wouldn’t get the jokes.  Out here, in the Real America, they get it.”

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7 thoughts on “PALIN LETTERMAN FEUD”

  1. I am soooooo glad that Sarah Palin in lashing back at David Letterman. I guess he feels as a die hard liberal that he can do anything he pleases and discredit anyone he likes and have the pathetic, foolish, soft=headed liberal audience applauding him. What a disgusting excuse for an entertainer.

  2. God help us all if either is leading us. Mrs. Palin has the right to protect her family. Mr. Letterman is simply out of line.

    Get sick of him and Joyce saying "i'm a comedian, its a joke!" You said it and are now responsibile for it. Be a man.

  3. Palin is a true woman. Any decent mother and father (and human) would be outraged if their daughters were treated like that, especially on national television. It isn't funny to joke about. Was Barak's mom "young" (barely 18 when he was conceived) and is he "illegitimate"? Lets look at the date his parents got married (Feb 2, 1961) and the day he was born (August 4, 1961) – 6 months 2 days – looks like he was conceived prior to their marriage and no one is making a comment about that. Last I heard it has always been 9 months for a typical birth and I see no mention anywhere that he was 3 months premature. Maybe he was and that explains why his brain is short-circuited!!!!

  4. Sarah spends more time getting publicity and providing fodder for the liberal and conservative media than she spends providing governance for the State of Alaska. She should either do the job she was elected to do and get some real experience in the process or she should concentrate on her standu-up routine. Her popularity figures have plummeted in the state and the real leaders of the Republican Party know that she is not ready to be the leader of Alaska much less the leader of the free world


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